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How do I know if my body is addicted to Percocet?

Answered by a doctor

I have been taking percocet 10/325 for about 2 years. Sometimes it would only be 1 a day but then a had a re injured of my herniated discs and now I am trying to stay with 2 a day but most times I take 3-4. The other day I got really sick...i think it is because my doctor changed my muscle relaxer...

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Wine and medication

Is it okay to have a glass of wine when taking corticosteroids for an allergic reaction?

by User avatar jackie

Do you think lortab weight loss to achieve the right results

Answered by a doctor

In order to lose weight, many people are willing to try different approaches, lortab is a good choice, but a lot of people do not believe that the, do you believe that?

by User avatar jifus89002

I feel awful

I had been taking Lexapro for about 16 months and had gained 20 pounds. So, my doctor put me on Welbutrin a few days ago. I feel awful, have a constant headache, stiff neck, but the two things I am the most concerned about is every time I lie down, I feel my heart pounding in my ears. I wonder if I...

by User avatar gegenheimer32

This site really helped me when I applied for Social security disabilty benefits.

I just recently applied for disability benefits and found a great site that really helped. It has letters that people received throughout the process of applying for disabilty. It tells you what happens at each hearing and every step of the way. I think it could really help some people so I...

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Percocet withdraw after taking them for few yearsl

Answered by a doctor

Im 40 year old female who is prescribed percocet for chronic neck pain. I have been taking them for a year now. started with 1 to 2 a day & now anywhere from 8 to 10 a day & can easily understand how that can lead to more. Well its gotten to the point that I am using more that what I am...

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My drandfather tried a lot of strong medications because of pain he has. None of them could relieve his pain so I was asking around what is better for him. Someone told me that Duragesic may help with severe pain. I would like to visit his doctor and ask him about this medicine, if that could make...

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I heard that the drug Oxicontin used for treating mild to severe pain is being sold on the street and is being abused my many teenagers. They use the drug in conjunction with other drugs and alcohol? Is this true? What could the consequences be? How do we protect our children from this?

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Yes, i know it doesn't show up as an opiate....but since they DO have a test specially for it, how long does it take to get out of your case I were to get tested?

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