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Some paracetamol causes dry, itchy throat?

Answered by a doctor

I usually prefer ibuprofen over paracetamol, as it seems to reduce my pain a lot more when I have headaches etc. I have taken Panadol sometimes if I've had a stomach upset as well, as I've heard ibuprofen is no good for that.Before I had an operation a couple of months ago, and afterwards, I've...

by User avatar Circe87223901

Bad Tramadol Reaction

Answered by a doctor

Hi there, My doctor prescribed me Tramadol for acute pain I am having in my hip due to osteoarthritus & loss of cartiledge. I'm on the waiting list for a hip replacement but it will take a year or two. I was taking aspirin, paracetemol & codine, then moved to mobic, paracetemol &...

by User avatar Guest

Is Tramadol withdrawal hard?

Answered by a doctor

A friend of mine has been using Tramadol after the back surgery. He had some severe injury but is ok now, all that is left is pain and he somehow deals with it with the help of Tramadol. Last time we were talking he mentioned he has to stop with the therapy but that it will not be easy at all. Is...

by User avatar lidia50285

getting off suboxen, case histories, problems. ect

Answered by a doctor

I need info. on getting off suboxen,is it difficult,harder then methodone? I am on metodose now and am down to 14mgs from 110. I have had alot of sleepless nights and I work two jobs. I am just looking for the easiest method of getting off methodne. I know suboxen will "wash" the methodone...

by User avatar y7et5788

HCG Diet while on Methadone

Answered by a doctor

Hello Everyone I wanted to start a forum with people that are on the HCG diet while also on Methadone. I gained 55 lbs while on Methadone and I can not stand looking at myself any longer. I wanted to lose this weight and I have tried EVERYTHING with no good results. Now I Just received my HCG in the...

by User avatar Cookie

Are there side effects to taking aspirin and naproxen sodium together?

Hello! I want to know are there side effects to taking aspirin and naproxen sodium together. I have heard that many people take this drug combination because of various sorts of pains. I am not too familiar with medicine field, but, as you can see, I am willing to learn. I hope that you will explain...

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does methadone affect your sex drive?

Answered by a doctor

i have been on methadone for two years and my sex drive is next to none. I'm only 25 years old and used to have a great sex drive. It seems like my sex drive died after beginning methadone and never bounced back. I am now in the process of getting off of methadone ( which sucks horribly). It's been...

by User avatar mastercynic420

How do u take methadone

Answered by a doctor

Could someone please let me know how methadone is takin, is it chewed, swallowed, are u suppose to dissolve it in ur mouth like saboxin. Somebody please let me know

by User avatar joerabbs59839

hydrocodone and liver damage

Answered by a doctor

i have been taking hydrocodone for over a year now for pain - i have been reading that it can cause liver damage because there is aspirin / ibuprofen in it is this true i am concerned thank you

by User avatar Guest