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Is it safe to give Tums to someone who is throwing up?

Hi, my mother is 56 years old and she is taking Tums tablets for some time already. Her doctor prescribed it to her because of her heartburn and osteoporosis she is suffering from. In a last few days she is throwing up, I guess she eat something, so I dont know if it is safe to give her Tums.

by User avatar nanni31061


I have severe heartburn due to gastroesophagus reflux disease. I’ve been suffering heartburn before, and lately was diagnosed gerd. I‘ve been on aciphex during last 3 weeks. I’m interested in how long does it take for symptoms to be relieved with aciphex? I guess that 3 weeks are not such a...

by User avatar Guest

Is Tagamet good temporary relief from stomach ulcers?

Hello, my brother is 37 years old and he is suffering from stomach ulcer for several months already. It is very big problem for him sometimes so he is looking for some medication which will bring him relief. Is Tagamet good temporary relief from stomach ulcers? Thank you very much for any advices.

by User avatar kendricks33489

drug intervention of maalox

I use antacids because of my stomach acid problem. I usually take Maalox when it is needed, as doctor recommended me. But I have constipation often when I use Maalox. And I’ve noticed that analgesics have less effects when are used at the same time with antacids. I need information about drug...

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will it help to take Tagamet to safe guard the stomach?

Hi, I am 43 years old and I am very busy over the day in my office. Because of that I dont have enough time to eat properly and it usually causes heartburn which I feel. My very good friend suggested me to try Tagamet for these problems. I would like to know will it help to take Tagamet to safe guar...

by User avatar mortimer33799

what is prilosec?

Hi, I have met my very good friend yesterday on the street and we decided to drink coffee together and chat because we didnt meet for a long time. We were discussing many different subjects when he said that he feels some discomfort in his stomach and took some pill called Prilosec. I was little...

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What is the maximum acceptable dosage of Prilosec?

Hi, my mother is 63 years old and she is suffering from heartburn because of gastritis which she has for a long time. In last few days she feels very bad and usual doses of Prilosec didnt help her. I would like to know what maximum acceptable dosage of Prilosec is. Thank you.

by User avatar kimberlyn33966

Are there serious side effects on the long-term use of Prilosec?

Hi, my father is 56 years old and he is suffering from stomach ulcer and heartburn caused by that. His doctor prescribed him Prilosec and his is taking it for quite long time. I would like to know are there serious side effects on long term use of Prilosec. Thank you very much.

by User avatar nolly42553

rantidine withdrawal

My problem is acid indigestion. I take ranitidine every day and it helps me. It is very good that I can buy it like OTC drug. I take it before meal and my symptoms usually dissappear. I am interested in how long its usage is safe for me? Does anyone have experience with chronic usage of...

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Can levthyroxine and omeprazole be taken at the same time?

When I wake up I feel as if I need to take the omeprazole right away and then I eat.  However I also know that it is important to take the levthryroxine in the morning.  Does one of the drugs make the other less effective?

by User avatar ANGEL