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side effects of ranitidine

I am struggling to find information about ranitidine and the side effects that are linked to the use of ranitidine, so I am really hoping that there is somebody here who can help me with some information about this! What are the side effects of ranitidine? What side effects are most often reported...

by User avatar bevan910181368

rantidine pregnancy

I have problem with gastric secretion. I use Mylanta or Zantac and I found them very effective. Anyway, ranitidine is my drug of the first choice. It helps me in reducing the amount of acid and causes no side effects. I am interested in its possible side effects during pregnancy.

by User avatar Guest

side effects of zegerid

I have been given zegerid for an ulcer, and I am hoping that the medication will quickly do its job and resolve the ulcer, which I am really fed up with having - believe me!!! But I hope somebody can fill me in on the side effects of zegerid. Have you used zegerid before? What side effects did you...

by User avatar matt745161580

rantidine_acid indigestion

I have symptoms of acid indigestion and I take ranitidine every day. It helps me a lot, and it is good that I can buy it like otc drug. I take it before meal and my symptoms are gone. But how long is it safe for me to use it? What are the consequences of its chronic usage?

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rantidine side effects

Hello! I have been taking rantidine to reduce this pain I ve been having from stomach ulcer and I’ve been taking it with food. I don’t think that my dosage is high but I developed constipation. I don’t go for 3 or more days, and when I feel like going, it’s very hard. What can I do about...

by User avatar feickert2017

Does Dipentum contain olsalazine sodium?

I am interested in if drug dipentum contains olsalazine sodium as active ingredient. Is olsalazine sodium similar to mesalamine? I was treated with mesalamine because of intestinal inflammatory disease. What does dipentum contain? First I thought that it was chrons disease, but fortunately it didnt,...

by User avatar aurel32394

could Zegerid increase blood sugar in diabetics?

Hi, my very good friend is taking Zegerid for some time already and he is also suffering from diabetes. Several days ago his sister told him that she has heard Zegerid may increase sugar blood level in diabetics. I would like to know if this medication may cause such situation.

by User avatar milty37350

Zantac in Pregnancy

Hi, my wife is in third trimester and has been experiencing heartburn almost every night. Her gynecologist told her about Zantac. Is this drug safe during pregnancy? Does it negatively affect a developing unborn child? If it is not safe, which drugs she has to take as an alternative to it, to occupy...

by User avatar Guest

Prilosec / Tagamet

Hi, I am 45 years old and suffering of frequent heartburn. Most doctors prescribed me Prilosec as highly effective drug but it does not help me all the time especially I have to withdrawn with medication after 14 days. Is there any alternative, more effective drug? What about other over-the-counter...

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I have heard that prilesec can work very fast in reducing heartburn symptoms. As I am not serious sufferer, but occasionally have heartburn, how long would it take for its effect to expose? Can it prevent gastric ulcers when used because of mild symptoms, as mine are? Please post if you tried...

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