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how do I stop breast milk from producing?

I don't want to take a pill if I can avoid it but I would love 2 kno some things I could do to stop my breast from producing milk. My baby is 4 yrs old now. And I'm not pregnant ...

by User avatar wadee233287

75mg, of Pfizer's Arthrotec

What is the negative effects of taking 75mg, of Pfizer's Arthrotec to my mind and body ? Is this drug addictive ?

by User avatar Guest

Is Arthrotec made by Pfizer?

When you fall of the tree and you have 65 years, you must have an injury. For that injury I was prescribed with Arthrotec. My doctor told me that Arthrotec is a good medicine, will help me with my injury and will not damage my stomach. My concern is whether it was made by Pfizer or not. Pfizer is...

by User avatar law34838

Is one of the side effects of mylanta a black loose stool?

Hello, I started taking Mylanta for heartburn 2 days ago. Is one of the side effects a black loose stool?

by User avatar Tom

how was Rolaids packaged back in the sixties?

I am paying the price for all those soda juices and spicy junk food, which I really enjoyed in. Beside the extra weight, which I also have to deal with, I have been diagnosed with some mild form of GERD. Mild or not, it causes me problems, and I am using Rolaids for that. My father said that he has...

by User avatar zacherie42828

Is the Rolaids good way to get rid of canker sores?

Answered by a doctor

My son has problems because he has something called canker sores. It is really annoying for him and I would like to know what we can do to make him better. I have done a little research and I have heard that Rolaids could be a good way to get rid of them. Is the Rolaids good way to get rid of canker...

by User avatar gordon34609

Should I use Rolaids or Alka Seltzer?

I am suffering from ulcer for half a decade, I smoked a lot (stopped after the diagnose). I started to eat healthy and I take meds for treating and preventing ulcer. Lately, I have also been using Rolaids, which creates a protective layer over the stomach epithet; and that decrease the pain...

by User avatar hodge40958

Is there any evidence that metoclopramide increases breast milk?

Hello, I recently delivered a baby girl; she is three months old now. I breast feed her but I got some stomach virus and I vomited a lot so I have decided to take metoclopramide. Is there any evidence that metoclopramide increases breast milk? I have heard this from a friend of mine, but it sounds...

by User avatar shela31777

Is Axid good treatment for ulcers that helps them clear up rapidly?

Hi, my father is 63 years old and he is suffering from gastric ulcer for several years. One friend of mine was also suffering from ulcer and he told me that Axid helped him to heal his ulcer. I would like to know if Axid is good treatment for ulcers that helps them to clear up rapidly. Thank you.

by User avatar matthaeus48831

What Are The Health Hazards Associated With Propulsid?

I am 45 years old and it seems that from now on I have this health issue I will have to deal. Due to my job, I eat irregularly and far from healthy. That combined with stressful work, led to increased acid secretion in my stomach and that is something quite irritable. So, what is the health hazard...

by User avatar derrek43158