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best drug for heartburn

Answered by a doctor

Are there any other sufferers of heartburn here? I have still not found the right cure, and haven't managed to come up with anything better than tums, which do soften the heartburn in an instant but never make it go away totally. What do you think is the best drug for heartburn?

by User avatar chaddie1928180974

Does GERD take long time to heal?

Answered by a doctor

I've had GERD for three months now. Had Endo done and GI said mild inflammation in the stomach and esophogus. Had me start taking 20mg of protonix, had bad side affect ( headaches--itchy skin and still had the burn). Then he had me take 20mg 1 time a day Omeprazole, still had side affects but the...

by User avatar Gcam99

Is it unsafe to split tagamet 300 (cimetidine) in half?

Can it be bad for your health? :/ Can it damage your health or something? cause I split mine and this is the second day I never knew splitting pills could be bad but read that some pills are bad splitting can anyone help me out here? is this tagament pill bad to split ? it has no line in the middle....

by User avatar jacob valuk274210

Hiatal hernia surgery

Answered by a doctor

I am presently taking omeprazole to heal esophageal erosions that I suffered when I took myself off of it for a year and a half.  My decision to do that was because my osteoporosis problem had not gotten worse after that time period, and omeprazole is bad for the bones.  Though I haven't had a...

by User avatar BRC

Im sick and taking paracetamol

Answered by a doctor

I'm running high temperatures, slept all day, haven't eaten anything ( wasn't hungry) I'm a tad shaky, I feel dizzy when I walk, I'm 15, have little pains now and then, like I have bruised mussels, and I'm taking 2 paracetamol every 8 ish hours, please help someone ! Thanks (:

by User avatar Rachel

best drug for acid reflux

Answered by a doctor

I have had horrible acid reflux recently and it is really doing me in. It seems to happen to me all the time and especially at time and it bothers me so much! I can hardly get to sleep at night and it even wakes me up at night. Can you tell me what the best drug is for treating acid reflux?

by User avatar barnie1936182335

false positive on meth.

Answered by a doctor

Is it possible for the group b strep vacine at birth to cause a false positive for meth.

by User avatar Guest

Taking ibuprofen and paracetamol simultaneously?

Answered by a doctor

Hello! My mother has terrible headaches. She works night shifts in a car factory and she is not sleeping enough. I think the real reason for her headaches is her night work which is not normal and I have told her many times to change the job. But, it is very difficult for her to find another job...

by User avatar latisha59759699

How To Get AciPhex (rabeprazole sodium) For Acid Reflux?

Answered by a doctor

I think that I have acid reflux, you know the heartburn. I have an appointment three weeks from now and I do not want to wait. A friend of mine told me that AciPhex helped him a lot with his reflux problem and he is advising me to get it too. How can I get AciPhex (rabeprazole sodium) for my acid...

by User avatar lowell178366442

Will taking Asacol decrease my sperm count and function?

Answered by a doctor

I have been taking Asacol for several months now and I must admit that it really helped me with my ulcerative colitis. I just hoe there are no many serious side effects. Will taking Asacol decrease my sperm count and function? I am so worried about that. My wife and I are trying to have a baby!

by User avatar lanie20866394