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Why was Propulsid removed from the market in the US?

I have reflux. I have been to the doctor and he told me to take Propulsid. I am not sure about that. I don't like to argue with professionals but I have heard that this medication is very dangerous. I have heard some bad things about it among them that it is removed from the market in the US. When...

by User avatar hussein44995

What is the active ingredient in ACIPHEX Delayed-Release Tablets?

I wonder, sometimes, did God know what he is doing when he made us so perfect? If we are so perfect then why this stomach acid bothers me so much? I have big problem and I am on the edge from getting an ulcer. I have got an Aciphex delayed release tablets. Doctor told me that I should take them...

by User avatar tomaso40997


I suffer gerd disease and have started with rabeprazol therapy. I take 20mg aciphed once a day. I’ve noticed relieving after the first dose. What are your experiences with aciphed like? What are its side effects?

by User avatar Guest


I’ve been suffering duodenal erosive ulcer. I’ve had the symptoms months before and was trying to relieve them without prescription drugs. It didn’t show successful. I’ve started with aciphes yesterday. Do you have any information on its efficacy? What’s its mechanism of action?

by User avatar robb1940


How effective aciphhex is against heartburn? I’ve been suffering heartburn for last 2 years. I was on ranitidine, but it wasn’t helpful enough. I’ve heard that aciphex may help in ulcers and gerd. Have you tried its efficacy in heartburn? Thanks.

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What are the other drugs that belong to same group with acophex? Do they have same side effects? I wasn’t satisfied with acophex, because of nausea and sometimes vomiting occurred during usage, so I discontinued with it. Are these side effects common? I have heartburn and need to treat it, but I...

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I took raniitidine effervescent tablets few times because had symptoms of sore stomach. I use to take it in the morning, only once a day. It seemed to me like there was no such significant relief. Are there any recommendations about taking tablets with or without food, before meal? Are effervescent...

by User avatar Guest

Reaction to rantidine

I ws prescribed to use ranitidine twice . First time Zantac with combination of Keterol. Immediately after taking the drugs, i had severe itching and my eyes blacked out, pulse rate too fell down and ws rushed to hospital and given decodron injection. Second time, ws given Rantac with combination...

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I have never been smart when is comes to the food. I never thought much about what and how much I eat. Now I am 35 years old and it seems that I have some serious problems with stomach. Acid is killing me. It is as if no matter what I eat, I always end up with stomach pain. Doctor recommended me to...

by User avatar cecil33253

is axiphex right for me?

I had cough that didn’t respond on herbal remedies that are commonly used to treat it. It developed into chronic form and I actually couldn’t get it in connection with lung’s infection. I did several exams and it has shown to be gerd, which has manifested with cough because of irritation of...

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