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Does use of cimetadine cause lethargy, or other CNS effects?

by User avatar wickerrocky

Nexium side effects?

Hi, my husband has a problem with his stomach, because it produces too much acid. I heard that nexium helps with this condition, but before I propose it to my husband, I want to be shore that there are no serious side effects. Does someone know what nexium side effects are?

by User avatar Guest

Can I mix cimetidine and propulsid?

Too much worry and you get an ulcer. I have lost my job few months ago and I was so annoyed that I have got an ulcer. Now I have a new job but ulcer is still there. I am taking cimetidine to decrease amount of acid in my stomach. Now doctor told me to take propulsid. I have forgotten to ask him...

by User avatar Guest

Is it safe to order Dipentum online?

I have heard that dipentum acted very effective in ulcerative colitis. Is it safe to order it online? I know that it is a prescription drug but I think that it can not be dangerous and has no serious adverse effects. I havent visited my doctor yet, but as my sister had ulcerative colitis 3 years...

by User avatar sande46262

What is the difference between Prilosec and Zantac?

I have a high function in my company which has good and bad sides. I am responsible for 60 workers and it did not pass much until I developed stomach ulcers. I have been trying to deal with that condition with Prilosec and it was partially successful, but now I want to try with Zantac. What is the...

by User avatar olivier38919

acid reflux medication

Answered by a doctor

My husband is having problems with acid reflux for some time; he has been diagnosed with GERD. He has been taking prescribed medications but I would like to know what I can get over the counter as a treatment for acid reflux. Any information is helpful, thank you.

by User avatar Guest

Will I gain weight taking omeprazole 20mg?

I have problems caused by GERD. My stomach was restless until recently. I had terrible acid burns in stomach and pains. Also I had tendency to vomit a lot. I have lost almost 10 kg! Now I am taking omeprazole 20 mg, for a month now and I already fell better then I use to. My symptoms are decreased....

by User avatar ayn42255

Shoud I read leaflet carefully before you start taking Dipentum?

My husband is suffering from ulcerative colitis and he dealt with that condition for almost three years. I should probably mention the fact that he cannot take sulfasazaline based medications. Anyway, should he read leaflet carefully before he starts taking Dipentum, some drug his friend suggested....

by User avatar arliene49990

could prilosec be making me anemic?

Hi, I am 36 years old female and I have heartburn problems. My doctor prescribed me Prilosec when I visited him last time and it brought me pretty big relief. In deed I dont feel heartburn symptoms any more. In the same time I became anemic so I would like to know if pilosec might cause it.

by User avatar marshal40999

Nexium tablets and bowl quiers

I am on Nexium tablets for cronic heartburn, I am wondering that when I exhert bowl deposits they come out in small ball shapes is this anything to do with the nexium. Sometimes I get cramp that resembels apenacedix type pain though Ive had mine out 10 yrs ago .

by User avatar spiritlevel9