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Are nausea and vomiting possible side effects of taking Mylanta?

Answered by a doctor

I wonder if nausea and vomiting are possible side effects of taking Mylanta. I use to take Mylanta at bed time, only once a day, chew it well and swallow with a glass of water. It helps me regulate stomach acidity but I believe that it causes me nausea and vomiting. Sometimes I wake up at night and...

by User avatar cyndia37866

Should I take 7 tablets of Mylanta or 10 tablets of Rolaids?

Should I take 7 tablets of Mylanta or 10 tablets of Rolaids? I got both medications but without use instruction. I need quick answer because I can not stand this acid in my stomach any more. Can you please answer my question as soon as you see this post? Thank you in advance!

by User avatar Guest

What is the Maximum Strength Pepcid AC?

I have been having stomach problems for almost a year now. First, I though of reducing the meals, and kicking out strong spices, but that did not help at all. So, my next step is getting some good medication for my problem. I hope that Pepcid AC will be good for me. What is the maximum strength of...

by User avatar sylas47986

What side effects may I notice from taking Mylanta?

I suffer from bad digestion and have excessive stomach acidity. It causes me stomach ache and discomfort. I have started with Mylanta few days ago. What side effects should I expect to notice from taking Mylanta? It helps a bit but not enough, so I have to increase this drug. Thanks in advance.

by User avatar fayre47948

What is Mylanta Gas maximum strength?

I take Mylanta 3 times a day, chew it and swallow. It does not work effective enough and I do not get relief of my heartburn. I sometimes have stomach gas too that is very uncomfortable sensation. Should I increase my daily dose? And what is Mylanta gas maximum strength? Thanks in advance.

by User avatar forster95160064

How to make Mylanta mint chocolate chip ice cream?

My neighbor made Mylanta mint chocolate chip ice cream, but she doesnt want to give me the recipe. I am on the other hand bored with the same taste of Mylanta, so I would like to try something new. Do you have some ideas? This mint chocolate ice cream sounds good, right? If you have recipe, will you...

by User avatar leda48276

Do side effects of Mylanta includes allergic reactions?

I use to take Mylanta because of heartburn that develop occasionally. Last time I took it, 4 days ago, allergic reaction occurred, it was manifested on my skin, on exposed areas. Is it expected that Mylanta cause this kind of side effect? Allergy wasn't that severe so I didn't call my doctor.

by User avatar hailey103755929

What are the possible side effects of Mylanta Gas?

My husband has started with Mylanta tablets about 10 days ago. He was suggested to take it because of excessive stomach gas caused by indigestion and bloating always followed by stomach pain. Does Mylanta have side effects when is taken three times per day? What are the possible side effects of this...

by User avatar simonne161860067

Is metoclopramide a sedative?

My sister has been diagnosed with breast cancer. This was all very hard for her and she is very upset and agitated because of that diagnose. She is in hospital now and doctor recommended a combination of two therapies: surgery and radiotherapy. I am very worried about her mental state. Doctor...

by User avatar kippie41294

I'm taking Axid. Can I drink coffee?

For three years now I have big problems with my stomach. I have duodenal ulcer and of course strong pain that follows it. I used to drink a lot of coffee and smoked too because of the stressful job. I left the cigarettes but I still drink coffee. Can I drink coffee now that I have started using Axid...

by User avatar jessamyn49297