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does metoclopramide tablets harm during pregnancy?

I am 5 months pregnant and I have serious problems with my bowels. It seems that they don't work as they should. I feel nausea that is not connected with pregnancy; it appears every time I eat. Also I am burping all the time. I am afraid about the baby because I eat less then usual. I would like to...

by User avatar latrena26360

metoclopramide - is it safe to cut it in half?

I have diabetic gastric stasis or in other words my bowels are lazy. I have problems every time after a meal. I feel nausea, heaviness and my stomach is full no matter how much I eat. I am taking metoclopramide (Reglan). It is rather helpful. I am on the therapy for two weeks. I take four doses of...

by User avatar batholomew38529

is usage of misoprostol deadly

can misoprostol be used for making the periods to come even the one is not pragnent and has missed her periods. and does its usg in this condition deadly or dangerous?

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Does anyone else have a baby on zantac?

My new born girl was diagnosed with infant reflux and was put on Zantac while we were in hospital. Now we are home and she still needs to take this medicine. I am so afraid by the fact that I am giving a medicine to a now born baby. Does anyone else have a baby on Zantac? Did your baby have any side...

by User avatar emmi48487

In whether Nexium (exomeprazole magnesium) or Zantac (ranitidine) is prescribed?

Answered by a doctor

Can you please explain in whether Nexium (exomeprazole magnesium) or Zantac (ranitidine) is prescribed? As I found on the net both medications, Nexium (exomeprazole magnesium) and Zantax are used for the same conditions. Why then, in some occasions you get prescription for one and the next time for...

by User avatar kele36462

How do people get prescribed Zantax?

How do people get prescribed Zantax? What do you do when you are in doctors office to get this medication? What do you say? Shouldn't he or she suppose to know better then you what medication you need? And for what is used this medication? I have hears lots of people talking about this.

by User avatar creighton56356702

best drug for reflux

Based solely on the symptoms that I am having, I strongly suspect that I suffer from reflux. I always have heartburn, sometimes have trouble swallowing, and often have nausea as well. I will see a doctor about this soon, and I would like to go in informed, knowing what the best drug for reflux is....

by User avatar free1030182752

Maalox causing diarrhea

Hi, I have been taking Maalox for as long as I can remember for my heartburn. I have a very sensitive stomach and many foods disagree with it, so I have to take Maalox very often. Lately I have been having another problem. It seems I have diarrhea outbursts, so to say every couple of days. Could it...

by User avatar Guest

Nexium weight gain and withdrawl

I have gained almost 40 pounds since I started taking Nexium, but never connected it to the drug. I have talked to friends lately that say in a very short time after starting Nexium the gained 15 and 20 pounds respectively. I have also read that it can cause bone loss, liver damage, chest pain and...

by User avatar glor8211

Prilosec mixed with Tums? IS that ok?

My mother has ulcer in duodenum, she smokes a lot and generally is a very nervous person. She does not listen to doctor, I complain to her about that all the time. She has been to the doctor who recommended Prilosec but she also takes Tums without prescription. So I would like to know is Prilosec...

by User avatar Guest