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Any Tagamet HB side effects?

I have been suffering from esophagitis as a result of GERD. Doctor thinks that it is congenital weakness of the esophagus muscles. Whatever the case, I have problems with acid reflux. I started with diet and I walk a lot after the meals and I have been prescribed with Tagamet HB. Are there ant...

by User avatar dorice47487

What H2 blocker to use: Tagamet, Pepcid or Zantac?

I have to admit that I never expected to have stomach problems like this. I have started eating healthy and avoiding junk food for almost a year now, but it seems I am too late. All I can do now is choose between several H2 blockers, Tagamet, Pepcid or Zantac. What would you choose?

by User avatar scotty36254800

Bad diarrhea after taking Mylanta

I had stomach pain the other day and took Mylanta. I might have taken too much. I then had really bad diarrhea. I think I had food poisoning or stomach virus. I am wondering though, if I took too much Mylanta, would that cause the diarrhea?

by User avatar heidi251

Acidic feeling after having tea

I usually dont like to have breakfast, and like to have tea early morning once I get up, otherwise I get an headache, but this habit of mine has landed me into a problem , I get a lot of burning sensation in my stomach, apart from medicines what home remedies can I adapt ? My doctor has prescribed...

by User avatar Guest

Aciphex & weight gain???

I've been on Aciphex for about 8 months and have gained 25lbs! I am not happy about it. Has anyone else experienced this? I also have some other symptoms that I'm not sure about. Lightheaded easily, wierd dizziness randomly, back of throat goes numb randomly, suddenly not feeling legs-usually...

by User avatar Sophiebear67322

Melatonin or Elavil - which one is better?

Hi, I`m having the trouble with my sleep. I can`t sleep enough – am tired during the day, exhausted better to say, but when the night comes, simply can`t fall asleep. The cause of my condition is not really unknown - am very depressed and under a certain stress at work. Above all, have those...

by User avatar Guest

Ranitidine and Omeprazole together

i took a ranitidine this morning and during and hour after lunch i feel my hearts racing i am just wondering if i can take both the ranitidine and omeprazole tonight. i did not have any panic attacks nothing that would make my heart race and i am not dizzy.  oh i had a blood test done which show...

by User avatar melani

Is it safe to use Reglan while pregnant?

Hi, I am 32 years old female and I am suffering from diabetes. Last week my pregnancy tests were positive and gynecologist confirmed it too. From time to time I was using raglan which was speeding up my intestines but now I dont know if I may take it because of my pregnancy.

by User avatar farah40163

Can anyone post aciphex dosage instructions here?

My diagnose is gastoesophageal reflux disease (GERD or heartburn). I was prescribed with Aciphex, but I got it without dosage instructions. Can anyone post Aciphex dosage instructions here? I have big health problems and I need to take my medication, but I do not know how. Please, if you now how...

by User avatar torin39662666

What is the difference between Nexium and protonix?

I have severe heartburns caused by GERD. It is gastroesophagel reflux disease. Since I have realized that I have this condition I have been to series of controls, analysis, medications therapies, etc. Now I am in front of another dilemma. Should I use Nexium or Protonix? What is the difference...

by User avatar brandais43311