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is metoclopramide the same as maxalon?

My father has a colon cancer which was discovered late and I am very worried about him. Symptoms he felt were irregular defecation, constipation and diarrhea changing and anemia too (that was a consequence of carcinoma). He is in hospital now under citostatics which cause him new problems. He takes...

by User avatar sara-ann41310

what are the side effects of metoclopramide?

I am taking metoclopramide for my diabetic gastroparesis. My stomach seems to refuse to work as well as he use to. My intestines are not working properly. I have problem every time when I eat. It is like it doesn't digest at all but just store the food. Since I am taking the medication I feel better...

by User avatar guglielmo32875

Can taking Propulsid cause death?

Hi, my mother is 69 years old and she was taking Propulsid from time to time to eliminate heartburn which she was suffering from. Fortunately she didnt take it regularly but when she feels discomfort. Several days ago I have read some bad fact about this medication so I would like to know if...

by User avatar Guest

What if accidentally I eat Mylanta Ultra Chewable Tablet?

My sister and I are both suffering from gastritis and we are both using Mylanta ultra chewable tablets. Couple days ago we were discussing what will happen if I accidentally eat a tablet. We even bet about it. So, what do you think, what might happens in situation like that? I say that nothing...

by User avatar idell38501

What should I know if I'm currently takeing Mylanta?

I was prescribed with Mylanta, and I suppose that it was because of my hiatus hernia. This is my first health problem ever, except some common cold which I cured by myself. That is why I need some tips about all this. My first question is if someone has already used this medication? And if someone...

by User avatar flori38828

Indications of metoclopramide in children

Whould you please answer me that wether it is safe to use metoclopramide in children in condition such as gastroentretitis.

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Acid Reflux?

Answered by a doctor

Nowhere have I ever read of the problem I have. In the night I wake up choking on a horrible caustic substance that feels like lye in my throat. I wake up because I've inhaled it and can't breathe. I cough it up for an hour or more, and it never stops burning. It's impossible to get rid of the...

by User avatar Basso Profundo103126

Is it ok to mix Prilosec and Fibercon?

I have two problems. First is constant constipation and second is stomach ulcer. As you can imagine, I am a very nervous person because of that. Well, I guess I am paying for all those stressful hours at work. I have changed a lot my meals and way of life ever since I got sick. I am taking Prilosec...

by User avatar westbrook41315

Prilosec Usage

Hi, I have been taking Prilosec for my heartburn because my doctor has told me to. It helps me a lot and I am very pleased with it. But two days ago a friend of mine has told me she was prescribed with Prilosec for her ulcer. That made me wonder about the conditions Prilosec is used for. Could...

by User avatar mil40152

Proton Pump Inhibitors

Answered by a doctor

I need to enquire about proton pump inhibitors. My dad had some inflammation so he had to take some medicine. It was some nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. They caused the ulcer appearing in his stomach. Now doctor recommends proton pump inhibitor. Can you tell me something about it? Please,...

by User avatar Guest