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Motrin and stomach aches, how to ease them?

 I have been taking Motrin through the night for a fever and headache. Now I have a terrible stomachache and I am doubled over in pain is there anything I can do to combat the stomach pain? From now on I will take the Motrin with food however  that doesn't help me at the moment! Please...

by User avatar Guest

what are the withdrawal symptoms after stopping Norfen PLUS

what are the withdrawal symptoms after stopping NORFEN

by User avatar Dawn

swellen and chapped lips from naproxen?

Answered by a doctor

Hello! I use Naproxen for some time in order to treat my menstrual cramps. My doctor prescribed it to me. I’ve had no reactions to it so far. My doctor told me to pay attention to possible stomach pain or any other side effects but I haven’t felt any so far. The problem is my lips are swelled...

by User avatar gwendolen45806

Can you get a high off of Cataflam?

Hi! My grandmother is 53 years old and has arthritis. She takes cataflam against pain and inflammation. Some time ago she started telling us that her tablets are missing. She thinks someone is taking them. I have a younger brother who is a teenager. When I asked him if he knows anything about...

by User avatar shep152761756

Naproxen for epididymitis pain?

Hello! My brother had problems with his testicle and he was ashamed to go to the doctor. When he started to feel terrible pain on urination and fever too he decided to visit him. His doctor diagnosed epididymitis and told him this was an infection caused my some bacteria. He prescribed antibiotics...

by User avatar moll129755355

Cataflam for acute pain?

Is cataflam effective in treatment of acute pain? Can I take it to relieve toothache? What dose is recommended in toothache? I used to take it to relieve headache, but Im not sure if it would be effective in treatment of more intensive pain caused by tooth inflammation. Please post. Thanks in...

by User avatar nobe40558

Aleve and amoxicillin together?

Hello, I am very ill. It started so nave, as an infection of upper respiratory ways (viral type) and eventually super infection got me so I am taking amoxicillin. As a consequence of strong infection and high temperature, I felt leg weakness and headache. I took Aleve for that. Could Aleve and...

by User avatar normie46111

can drink alchol on roaccutane?

Answered by a doctor

hey just wondering if u can drink alchol on roaccutane its my birthady soon and just wondering would one night hurt? been on roaccutane a week now and i feel ok and my face is starting too clear 'im soo gald cystic acne has effected my life i wont go out i hide away' im 27 and ive been fighting...

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Allergic to Nsaids, is Benzonatate an anti-inflammatory? 

I'm allergic to all anti inflamatory medications, is Benzonatate an anti-inflammatory? 

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Can you go to sleep right after taking a ibuprofen?

Answered by a doctor

It is late at night and I took ibuprofen for ny head ache and Im very tired but I heard that you should not lay down or sleep for an hour or two but I have school and I need to get some sleep...What should I do stay up all night?!

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