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Could Accutane be related to seborrheic dermatitis?

Answered by a doctor

I wonder if accutane could be related to seborrheic dermatitis for my son suffers for years now from severe form of acne. He was on minocin for years but have heard that accutane might clean his skin totally and has started with accutane but lately his scalp area and eyebrow area is covered by...

by User avatar eleazer1827

Taking accutane one week, just found out Im pregnant

Answered by a doctor

Ive been taking 20mg of accutane for eight days and just found out Im 5 weeks pregnant... Do you think this will affect the baby? I know they are just cells and maybe not a fetus yet? What do you think? I took a pregnancy test at the doctors but it showed up negative because it was to early to...

by User avatar orangecounty16817

Can I take 4 Aleve every 12 hours?

I have strong back pain. That happened as a result of discus hernia. Pain is not tolerable at all, and they tend to get worse in the evening. I think sometimes they are so strong I will not be able to deal with it. I am taking Aleve and I would like to know if I can take 4 Aleve every 12 hours?

by User avatar algernon40137

My doctor wants me to switch to Tramadol from naproxen because I have high creatine level

My doctor wants me to switch to tramodol from naproxen because I have high creatine level. Which is better for Kidney function

by User avatar Guest

How long does Stelara take to work?

I’m suffering from severe plaque psoriasis for more than 10 years now, and finally my dermatologist started me on Stellara. I was hoping to see at least some reduction in my plaques, but nothing happened after the first shot, and as far as I can see there are no significant changes in most...

by User avatar Guest

Voltaren or Celebrex

I am suffering from arthritis for a longer period of time. I have 55 years and it bothers me very much. I have been to several therapies that did not work too well. But now I am taking the Voltaren and it helps me much. But my doctor wants to change my therapy and to give me Celebrex. He says that...

by User avatar Guest

can tylenol stop your period?

Answered by a doctor

i never used tylenol before for my period, but this time the pain was getting pretty bad, so i decided to try it out. i took one tablet in the morning, and my stomach felt fine the whole day. the first two days of my period are the worst, so i decided to take another tylenol the next morning (2nd...

by User avatar anastasiyaXD

Celebrex for a tooth ache

Sometimes I think that working is all I have been doing my entire life. I have been at dentist six months ago and started a procedure that required another operation. Unfortunately, two days later I started with another job, so I just could not find the time to go there again. Now, 6 months later...

by User avatar raffarty34351

What do you think on drinking while on accutane?

Answered by a doctor

Hi all. I’ve been on accutane for a while now. My friend has his birthday party in few days and we plan to drink. So, I checked warning on the box regarding alcohol and accutane and found nothing. I’ve also consulted my doctor who said that it's ok to drink – just not to overdrink. Is this...

by User avatar Guest

Has anyone experienced hair loss from taking Naproxen Piroxicam Gel?

Answered by a doctor

ALERT PAIN MEDS cause hair loss !   Has anyone experienced hair loss from taking Naproxen Piroxicam Gel ?   8 weeks stopped these drugs as my hair falling out in handfuls . So upset    anti inflammatory drugs do cause hair loss  welcome...

by User avatar eldest planet