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uncontrolled sweats from Advil

I have tonsalidis, and am taking antiboidics and Advil. But I have been sweating after taking the Advil, but not with a fever. this is managable during the day, but it is heavy enough that sleep is next to impossible for me at night. Is it the Advil that is causing this? it has been 3 days in a...

by User avatar cobb125755

Drinking alcohol after Toradol shot?

Answered by a doctor

Hello! I have a question for you. Maybe it will sound weird to you, but I need to know following: can I drink alcohol after Toradol shot? Tomorrow I will get this shot, but after shot I will go to a cocktail party and it is unbelievable for me to not drink alcohol! I am thanking you in advance!

by User avatar Guest

What is the cost of Tysabri infusion?

Answered by a doctor

My mother has multiple sclerosis for more then three years. She tried with few different kinds of drugs and she didn’t be satisfied because MS constantly progress. Her doctor finally decided to give her Tysabri. She heard that it can be very effective. Tell me what is the cost of Tysabri...

by User avatar Guest

loss of libido as a side effect of Accutane? what can be done about this?

Answered by a doctor

I feel I need to spread the word on this horrific side effect of Accutane which people don't seem to know or speak about. I took Accutane for 6 months at 14 years old, I am now a 24 year old male and can honestly say my libido has been non-existent during that entire intermittent time. Prior to...

by User avatar nine_lives

I took 2 advils for my headache and now I'm feeling burning sharp pain from my esophagus

Answered by a doctor

Hi so, i just took 2 advils for my headache with a sip of water. After like 10 minutes i feel this burning sharp pain coming from my esophagus. I have drank a lot of water to try and push the pills down. It has worked a little bit but, still hurts 

by User avatar Thalia

Meloxicam Withdrawals, I'm taking it for a monster heel spur

Answered by a doctor

I've been taking Meloxicam for the past 7 months for a monster heel spur. The first 5 months 15mg once per day and the past 2 months 7.5mg twice a day. I've gained 20 pounds and recently began to have dizzy spells and other health issues that I've read on the internet as being side...

by User avatar Guest

Dry Lips from Roaccutane

Answered by a doctor

Hi I've been on roaccutane for coming up to 6 months now. Started on 20mg and now on 100mg daily. Initially it didn't seem to help that much, but since starting on the 100mg, the improvement is astonishing. I haven't had a single new spot for over a month now and the red lumps are slowing...

by User avatar Guest

Allergic to naproxen, anything else i can take with out having any reactions?

Hi! I started to feel morning stiffness and join swelling few months ago. Actually, I had those symptoms even before, but they occurred only occasionally and I didn’t pay much attention. When the symptoms started to occur more often I visited my doctor and he prescribed Naproxen. After only...

by User avatar harriett51925

may voltaren cause cancer?

Hi everyone. I am currently on and off with Voltaren. I realize these is NSAID but was wondering if this medicine will cause problems with extended use like with ibuprofen as stomach ulcers, cancer. Does anyone have long term stories or experiences? Please share with me, as I am very worried.

by User avatar sue70566203

Can I take Naproxen that expired?

Hello! My doctor prescribed Naproxen as a part of treatment for my osteoarthritis. It has really helped me and my condition is significantly improved. I reacted well to this medicine although my doctor said I should not use it for a longer period of time. This morning I noticed I have only few...

by User avatar Guest