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Is warfarrin related to arsenic at all ?

is warfarrin related to arsenic at all ? is it normal to have levels of arsenic in your system?

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How Long Does Coumadin Stay In Your System?

Answered by a doctor

I was wondering when the coumadin leaves your body. I just got off of the coumadin today and I want to know when I can resume drinking and smoking normally. If anyone has insight on this topic it would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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Comments and reviews on article "What do Anticoagulants do?"

Users comments and reviews on article What do Anticoagulants do? by SirGan

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Heprin while on pregnancy. Side effects?

I am 22 weeks pregnant. My Specialist wants to put me on Heparin. I guess I am prone to blood clots toward the end of my second trimester. I have delivered early in my past two pregnancies: one at 32 weeks and another at 34 weeks. I wasn't on Heparin for either pregnancy. I am wondering if...

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blood clot in upper neck

my mother has blood clot in her upper right neck. please let me know the treatment for this.

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Is It the Warfrin

My doctor prescribed me Warfarin two weeks ago. I was using it the way it was recommended, so I was thinking I would be better. Anyway, last few days I am feeling more weak or tired than usual. I look pale, which I believe is symptom of anemia. Now I am worried if is it the Warfarin what caused...

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Did Heprin cause this disability?

My mother went in the hospitol for kidney failure, the doctor perscribed heprin, and she had a hemrojik stroke (thinned the lining of the blood vessels in the head and broke), she has had to undergo 2 brain surgeries in a 24 hr period, with in 24-48 hours of her getting the Heprin. I was told that...

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weight gain from blood thinners

why are blood thinners not thinning my blood enough and why all weight gain?

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Please advice me!!!

My grandmother was put on Heprin recently - could this be causing diarrhea? PLEASE HELP - she is 99 years old and very healthy except for this problem.

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atrial fibrillation (an irregular heartbeat)

My father is on coumaden and was recently told that he should not be eating green leafy vegges or broccoli. Is this true? Where can I find info on foods that would work compliment this drug? Also where can I find information on drinking and taking this coumaden medication? Thanks Debbra...

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