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side effects of coumadin or heprin

Answered by a doctor

I recently was put on heprin at the hospital and am on coumadin 5mg now. I have developed red bumps all over my back and chest. The doctor at the hospital said they look like pimples. Some have a white tint to the top of them. They will not pop, but will start to bleed. Is this from the...

by User avatar manda

ime 18 pregnant and on warfrin

Answered by a doctor

hiya i am 18 and justd found owt ime 4week pegnant. i am on warfin. and wundering if the warfrin will have done anything. i have been to the docturs 2 day and done sum reserch. and mostd of it sez it can only do damage between 6-12weeks...

by User avatar acnlvms

alternatives for using coumadin (suspect allergy to it)

Answered by a doctor

mom suspects she is having allergic reaction to coumadin and wanting to know if there is an equivalent alternative

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Is Coumadin similar to Lovenox?

Answered by a doctor

I have problem with widened veins. I think that widened veins are a consequence of my genetic predisposition and extra weight. Problems with veins started after my second pregnancy. For a long time I have been taking Coumadin and since I have to go to hysterectomy and doctor recommended me to take...

by User avatar rosaline38039

What happens when you smoke and take coumadin

Answered by a doctor

What happens with your blood when you smoke while taking coumadin?

by User avatar MOMTWO

Warfarin and pro biotics and nystatin

Answered by a doctor

I am currently taking warfarin 10mg/9mg alternating each day as I had a suspected TIA from a heart condition (Sub aortic membrane) but I think I may have a candida overgrowth in my bowel so I want to take some strong pro biotics. Is it safe to take pro biotics with warfarin? Is it safe to take...

by User avatar Nuada

Stroke after stopping plavix medication

Answered by a doctor

Can a stroke be caused by stopping ones plavix medication?

by User avatar Guest

synthroid - 150 mg stopped 10 days while continuing Warfarin

Answered by a doctor

Pharmacist neglected to contact doctor for 10 days on synthroid 150 mg refill and I continued to take coumadin - 4 mg a day as prescribed. My blood test results showed a decline of 3.8 to 1.3? Did this contribute to that? I am having another angioplasty in 6 days and would appreciate a...

by User avatar grahamfood68183

SHould I expect any strange symptoms from amiodarone and coumadine interaction?

Answered by a doctor

Hello, folks. I have been on coumadine, an anticoagulant for some time. My doctor suggests me introducing amiodarone into my therapy. SHould I expect any strange symptoms from these two medications taken together? What can you tell me about this? I would really appreciate all you your advices....

by User avatar burk33499

Can you take Chamomile and Warfarin together?

Answered by a doctor

I’m using Chamomile capsule for anxiety and sleeping problem for awhile. I’m pretty sure that it helps me and I’m planning to continue with its usage. But now doctor prescribed to me Warfarin. I’m not sure that I can mix this drug with Chamomile. Does anybody know can you...

by User avatar Guest