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After a heart attack I was put on warfarin

Answered by a doctor

After my heart attack I was put on warfarin because of an iregular heart beat. This has now stopped is there any need for me to be on warfarin. I was on asprin but this was stopped. Should I be able to go back on asprin and stop warfarin....

by User avatar john mc intyre

Warfarin and INR level

Answered by a doctor

How am i able to keep my INR level stable as last week it was 1.6 and this week it had shot up to 2.7 I'm not sure what i have done to get it that high as some weeks it stays the same :-)

by User avatar heather-lee152184

facial wax while on coumidin

my mother in law wants to have facial waxng but she is on Coumadin treatment. is this safe?

by User avatar dmusson

side effects of cumodin

HAs anyone heard of memory loss or disorientation and paranoia as side effects of using cumodin????

by User avatar larry

How Long Does Coumadin Last?

Answered by a doctor

Hey all, I just stopped taking Coumadin (warfarin) wednesday night and I was wondering would it be safe to drink alcohol on saturday night? Do you need to let the coumadin work its way out of the system? Or is it fine to start smoking tobacco and drinking again? Please let me know asap as my buddies...

by User avatar slarko12109393

warfrin and your eyes

:-( i have been on warfrin since may 2008 but my headaches are getting worse i have noticed my eye site is getting worse has well this one of the side affects or is it something else :-( :-) :'(

by User avatar ted macca

Should I use Pletal to relieve pain in the legs?

Hi, I am 63 years old and I experience pain in my legs very often. One my friend told me that he is using drug Pletal and it helps him very well. I would like to know if I should use Pletal to relieve pain in my legs too. Thank you very much for any information.

by User avatar brander33655

Side effects of Plavix?

I am concerned about my wife's health. She has problems with her blood vessels. She is in danger of getting blood clots in her blood vessels. She has high blood pressure too. Doctor has prescribed her with medicine called Plavix. She is 46 years old. Now she is complaining that her stool is black....

by User avatar blayne19435

what happens when taking bishydroxycoumarin

how much time do you have to go the hospital if you took bishydroxycoumarin rat poison

by User avatar Guest

Does Plavix cause headaches?

Hi, my mother is 63 years old and she is taking Plavix for some time already. She is visiting her doctor regularly and he is very satisfied with her condition. However there is problem with her headaches which appears from time to time. I would like to know does Plavix cause headaches.

by User avatar bat34002