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Where can i get plavix cheaper?

I am 55 years old and I have very unstable angina so I must take medications. The best medicine for me is plavix, at least I respond to him the best. Problem is that it is not so cheap. I pay $90 for 30 TAB of 75 mg for it in local pharmacy. Where can I get plavix cheaper?

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Is muscle pain common on Effient?

Hi, I had two stents placed in my coronary arteries three months ago and after it turned out I don’t react to Plavix at all, my cardiologist put me on different blood thinner - Effient, together with Tricor to control my triglyceride levels. Now that I’m somewhat able to be more physically...

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Can I take mona-vie while on waffrin?

Can I take mona-vie while on warfarin?

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glass wine with heart meds

Can one safely have an occasional glass of wine while on heart drugs

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stopping coumadin

Answered by a doctor

What are the real consequences of stopping coumadin after an aortic valve replacement? How likely is it to result in death? If so, what kind of time frame? I realize there is no exact answer to this, but a best educated stab is appreciated.

by User avatar usernamedenise56638

coumadin does make you gain !

Answered by a doctor

I was on coumadin due to having DVT back in 2001. I took it for  a year or so didn't really see any weight gain. My clot did go away an  I was able to come off coumadin. Now that I have found out I hAVE factor five,blood disorder an more clots iv been on an off coumadin for years.  :( i have...

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Bleeding gums

I am on warfrin 7.5 and have been on it for 9 months now. A few of the side effects that I have experienced are bleeding gums throughout the night and bad breath. Jenny

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side effects of warfarin

Answered by a doctor

My father has had a blood clot, and went to hospital for it. He has now been put on a drug called warfarin. That sounds terribly aggressive to me, and I have heard that this is a drug that can have heavy side effects, and dangerous side effects at that! Under what circumstances does this happen? Are...

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My husband has to take warfarin tablets to prevent forming of blood clots. He is at that risk because had leg injury and had to stay immobile in bed for couple of weeks. I know that warfarin has number of interactions with other medications but I’m not very familiar with the details. Please give...

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