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Lithium and risperdal combination

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I just wanted to know if there's anyone taking the Lithium-risperdal combination and is 25-30 years old. If you are I wanted to know if you happen to be experiencing a great deal of mental confusion. Everyday I wake up I feel like I'm in this cloud and I feel disoriented and confused. It takes...

by User avatar Dimeshorty104860

lamictal hypothyroid

Answered by a doctor

I have been using Lamictal for past several months. Recently, when I was at my doctor he told me that I have hypothyroid. I was pretty surprised. Is it possible that Lamictal has caused this? Can I get more information about this drug? Thanks

by User avatar gibble2118

stomach pain associated with lithium

Answered by a doctor

I have been taking Lithium for about a week now, up to 600mg so far. Last night I almost went to the hospital with severe stomach pains. I basically sucked it up when I saw via internet that this was a side effect of lithium. How long does it last for. Right now, it is just a dull pain, but I am...

by User avatar sunflower 29000

Seroquel and alcohol

Answered by a doctor

My doctor has prescribed 1/4 of a 25mg table of Seroquel to help me sleep. I usually have 2 or 3 mixed drinks a day but DO NOT take the Seroquel if I have had a drink. Are there really serious complications if I should mix the two?

by User avatar Donna

does abilify cause weight gain

Answered by a doctor

Hello! I have been put on abilify and I was wondering if this drug makes you gain weight. I am already a little bit overweight, so I don’t need any extra pounds. All replies are welcome!!!!

by User avatar Guest

seroquel and abilify

Answered by a doctor

I was wondering if anyone takes abilify and seroquel together? I take seroquel and it makes me tired, and my doc wants me to take ablilify now, and it makes me wired to where i cant sleep at all. so i was wondering if anyone out there takes seroquel at bed time and takes abilify during the day? is...

by User avatar emoclew21826

Wanting to stop taking Seroquel because of the weight gain and slow metabolism

I’ve been on seroquel since I was 13, and I’m finally thinking that many of the problems I have now are because of it. I’m 19, and I want to stop taking it because of the weight gain and slow metabolism but I honestly don’t remember my life without it and have no clue what to expect. I’ve...

by User avatar Guest

Can Probenecid be used for Benzo withdrawals?

Can Probenecid be used for Benzo withdrawals

by User avatar Frenchie

Does seroquel has serotonin as an active ingredient?

Katb Hi ppl. Just wondering if serequel has serotonin as an active ingredient. Im asking due to the other medication I take & I don't want an adverse reaction. Unable to ask dr. as he is still on Xmas holidays. Lucky him....

by User avatar Katb


What is Adavant used for and what are the side effects?

by User avatar Guest