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Prescribed meds withdrawal, I am diagnosed with bipolar and borderline personality disorder

Answered by a doctor

Hello, so I'm bi polar and have borderline personality disorder and I've been taking seroquel 300mg before bed for 13 months and lithium 900mg for 5 months. 2 days ago I went cold turkey and now I'm feeling really weird like everything I see is moving but it's not. Hoping anyone with medical...

by User avatar Rt2361489

After psychosis lack of pleasure and emotionless

Answered by a doctor

Where do i start.. well at the end of December 2011, i entered a psychosis that came from my cannabis use. before the psychosis i wasn't the brightest kid or even the most social or happiest, but i knew how to keep myself busy. So anyway, i was taken into a mental ward for my psychosis and i...

by User avatar Dilli

I was misdiagnosed with bipolar II and now having Seroquel Withdrawal among other psych meds

Answered by a doctor

I was misdiagnosed with bipolar II 4 years ago. I literally filled out a 15 question or so survey in a Psychiatrists office, and he immediately diagnosed me with Bipolar. The thing was, he didn't take my alcohol and marijuana use into consideration (which tend to cause mood swings, depression,...

by User avatar Gem

seroquel and cataracts

Answered by a doctor

I have been taking seroquel 150mg for about 2 years, and found out last week that I am developing the beginnings of cataracts. The optometrist told me that seroquel can be a cause of this type, posterior, cataract. What a shock! I am only 38 years old. When I did look up the drug in my books at...

by User avatar gettingfixed26913

Is seroquel 100mg a sleeping tablet?

Answered by a doctor

Hi all I need some information. My Dr. prescribed me Seroquel 100mg and told me that it's a sleeping tablet, I have looked it up on the net and what he says and what the net says are two different things. Is he wrong? Maybe it is for something else and can it help you sleep? Info asap would be...

by User avatar jardimclaudia

how long does it take for a person to release seroquel out of the system?

Answered by a doctor

I am 29 years old and was diagnosed with signs of postpartum depression, and bipolar. i've been on seroquel for 5 months as well for lithium and wellbutrin. i've stopped seroquel my doctor says i can only use it as a sleep aid but it doesn't do anything for me. I've been off it 5 days and...

by User avatar browneyes2982324

When will the withdrawals stop after taking seroquel 100mg for a month?

When will the withdrawals stop after taking seroquel 100mg every night for a month and has it damaged my brain face

by User avatar Guest

Getting off Seroquel, Would quitting cold turkey from 75mg cause brain damage or serious harm?

Hi, I have been on 150mg Seroquel XR since November 2015 for bipolar 2 and I have recently turned a corner in my mental health. I have much more control over my mental and emotional state and I'm looking to get off Seroquel. My psychiatrist said that because I am studying for a Masters...

by User avatar MonkeyButler355889

ambien manufacturer

Answered by a doctor

Who is the manufacturer of the drug ambien? I’d like to contact them because of several unusual side effects that I developed during treatment. These side effects are not written as possible on insert package. That was nothing very serious, but I’d like to do that in benefit of vigilance.

by User avatar terra729

what are the side effects of chlorpromazine?

what are the side effects of chlorpromazine? what are the purpose in taking drugs such as lithium carbonate and chlorpromazine? bipolar depression treatment

by User avatar rejelyn gulay