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Did anyone recover after quitting from invega sustenna

i took 2 shots of invega sustenna 6 months ago and it ruined my personnality before that i was outgoing now i can't feel emotions i don't have a sex drive anymore like i use to i dont feel no joy i don't feel motivation or nothing it feels permanent i need help from someone anyone that got over this...

by User avatar invegaispurehell

Tardive Dyskinesia - Persistent Movement disorders are caused by many drugs

Persistent Movement disorders are caused by many drugs. They are irrreversable. Drugs in the family of piperazine, piperadine , and aliphatic phenothiazines over long periods of time, (decades) Tardive Dyskinesia may occur after even short periods. There is no Tx .It is a dopaminergic deficient...

by User avatar Guest

Can I take benadryl to get rid of itching caused by seroquel?

for itching with saraquil can one take benadryl?

by User avatar Guest

neuroleptics post-effects (Haldol)

I am a 22 y.o. white male, I was misdiagnozed with schizoaffective disorder this winter and put on strong meds this January, namely Haldol injections. I've been treated for two weeks and then received a prolonged shot of Haldol consta. Ever since I haven't felt like myself and still experiencing...

by User avatar jx7e

I have decided to go cold turkey form seroquel and have been feeling absolutely awful

Answered by a doctor

So I've been on 800mg a day of seroquel for over 2 years now. I have decided to go cold turkey a week ago and have been feeling absolutely awful. Sickness, headaches mouth pain severe tiredness but being unable to sleep at all maybe getting 2 or 3 hours a night if in lucky is all of this...

by User avatar Alice wallace

Can suboxone and seroquel be taken in the same day?

Answered by a doctor

Can these two medications be taken in the same day?

by User avatar Guest

Continuing Seroquel @ 50% reduction per week

Answered by a doctor

I started Seroquel at 200 MGS a day and have lowered my dose to 25mgs. So far perfect sailing... Will be on the road next week and do not want to cut 50% until I get home and am surrounded by my comforting stuff. Joint pain, earaches and poor balance have disappeared.

by User avatar desertflower26546

Weight gain Seroquel side effect?

Answered by a doctor

I have been taking 200 mg at night of Seroquel for one year. Slowly I have put on 13 pounds. I cannot get it off no matter what I try. I am very active person who works out with my trained 5 days a week. Weight train and treadmill. I am so strong but very over weight for me. I know one of the...

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death from risperdal and invega

dying a horrible death from 6 forced shots of risperdal consta and invega sustenna

by User avatar Guest

Can't sleep on Adderall

Answered by a doctor

Does anyone have any good advice on getting some sleep while using adderal?

by User avatar Ladygeneral1800347065