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weird eye poking anxiety/ phobia

when i am in shops, if  the long metal things they hang packets off on the shelves are empty and there is heaps of them poking out it really gets to my head, and i cant stop thinking about them poking me in the eyes/forehead, i have to close my eyes rub them  and fully turn away its really...

by User avatar Guest

sneezed up weird object

I have had an upset stomach for at least 24 hours and a sore throat! A little while ago i sneezed up a weird shaped white object with a very foul smell. Is this normal or should i seek medical attention anyone know what this could be?

by User avatar Meggy23108643

tocophobia: fear of pregnancy or childbirth

Answered by a doctor

I saw that there were no posts about this subject so I thought I would start one. Tocophobia: fear of pregnancy or childbirth I mean EVERY month I think I'm pregnant. after I get my periods I think I'm still pregnant. and sometimes I don't even have sex and I think I'm pregnant. and plus I'm on...

by User avatar guest00618161

Panic the day after drinking alcohol

Answered by a doctor

The day after drinking alcohol my friend always has the sense of paranoia and panic. Just a few drinks do it, although I would say in general she is a strong and easy going person. While drinking she is the same, good fun and doesn't drink to silly excesses. As to why it happens, not a clue,...

by User avatar Guest

Anxiety with appetite loss?

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I'm a 21 year old female with a major anxiety problem which only really became an issue a few months ago when I had my first panic attack. Before this first attack I was constantly tired and felt unwell. All was relatively controlled for a while until 3 weeks ago when I lost my appetite and...

by User avatar unbeautified

Seeing/hearing things no one else does

(I’m a 14 y/o girl) Ok so I’m not sure what’s happening but I keep seeing and hearing things nobody else does I don’t feel normal I’ve started to feel crazy like maybe I have something wrong with me but I haven’t told anyone I’m scared they’ll send me to an insane asylum the voices...

by User avatar Nobody

I have severe anxiety and I have had a metallic taste in my mouth for a week

I have severe anxiety and I have had a metallic taste in my mouth for a week. Any advice, scared to death,

by User avatar Brent

Does Anxiety Cause Insomnia?

Answered by a doctor

Please share your knowledge on this i.e. Does Anxiety Causes Insomnia?

by User avatar leorichard362212

Can intermittent fasting improve my anxiety disorder?

Good day friends. I am girl and I am 27 years old. For a long, long time I have problem with my anxiety disorder. I am dealing with it pretty fine but sometimes I think that this problem is getting worse. So I started to read a lot about it. I found one information that said that intermittent...

by User avatar Guest

Linked to Anxiety?

Answered by a doctor

Please tell me if this is linked to anxiety, I was on the computer last saturday when all of the sudden i got really light headed i went to the kitchen got some water and started to panic about what could be making me so lightheaded. I started with thinking it was a heart attack, i felt like i...

by User avatar Drew10128398