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Scary effect of stress

I found out that effects of stress could be very scary. I was wondering if anyone here could give me some advice on how to increase my resistance to the effects of stress. Also I am interested to know more about health problems related to stress. Thank you.

by User avatar tumolo2007

ive been dealin wit anxitey n ive seeked out treatment

i recently turn 17. i think i am healty for my age. dockters never said i have any major health issues. umm lately ive been dealin wit anxitey n ive seeked out treatment. but today ive experienced something new. on my left side of my cheat i had a sharp pain in it felt like i was having a heart...

by User avatar worriedone2171799

panic everyday

Hello there, hope your all well and blessed, I'd like to thank you guys for sharing your stories, I myself have been going thru panic attacks for 3years, I've seen doctors and no one could detect what was wrong, as a christian, I thought what I was going through was an incision, perhaps I'm dying,...

by User avatar hope