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No where left to turn

Hey my name is Amber , I am 19 years old and I am having a really difficult time. I guess the only way that i can really explain how i feel is to start at the very beginning so i hope you all have time. I have no one else to ask and no one else is taking me seriously. So i decided that i would try...

by User avatar breezyayo

Anxiety And Hives

Answered by a doctor

Hello. I'm interested to find out more about one strange thing that is happening to me. You see, I know that some people can develop hives by eating strawberries or shrimps and some- sharing a room with a cat, but I have noticed that I find myself covered in these itchy red bumps when I'm feeling...

by User avatar Guest

Deja Vu with euphoric feeling followed by nausea. The feeling is very intense

I’m 18 years old an for the past 2 months I’ve been experiencing Deja Vu with a Euphoric feeling followed by nausea.(some people say I slur when it’s happening.) the feeling is really intense it lasts under a minute and I’m usually aware of what’s going on around me I’ve had it once...

by User avatar agreed lock

Light headed, headache, spacey feeling. Tons of tests done, no result.

Answered by a doctor

Hi, For the past 2 months I have had a light headed/spacey/light dizzy/headache feeling where none of which is dominate. Its really hard to explain, probably because its a new feeling, but its a mixture of all four rolled into one. I usually have it with in 30 mins of waking up and it lasts the...

by User avatar Guest

Paranoia? What am I going through? I think people watch me when I'm alone

I think I have paranoia? I don't know?. Im only 13 years old. People told me that I have to think people are watching me all the time, but I don't think that all the time. I think people watch me when Im alone. I hear the smallest noise and BAM my heart goes bump bump, and I assume someone is in my...

by User avatar choice mallet

Strange squeezing Feeling in my right side whenever I'm in tense situation

I often get squeezing feeling in my right side any time I’m in a “fight or flight “ situation. Anyone out there experience that?

by User avatar fragile vellum

Intense Deja-vu Anxiety

Answered by a doctor

Hello, I am under a lot of stress lately… also feel anxiety… all of a sudden have intense deja-vu … huh…anybody else with this symptoms? I found deja-vus great in the past… it seemed very interesting and funny. But, now I feel like I am going mad… I mean, I have like 5 deja vus daily...

by User avatar bradway1821

Read this if you get tension headaches, or the dreaded 'head pressure'

Answered by a doctor

I hope those of you who are suffering from the 'head pressure' (tension headaches) find this post, as this 'ailment' ruined my life for a good year - but I finally got on top of it for the most part and would like to leave information around these health forums on how to beat it, as I see so many...

by User avatar rpalmer92312489

Does man gets sick easier when you're stressed?

Answered by a doctor

Does man really gets sick easier when is stressed? I’ve been under the great stress and everyone warned me that I will get easily sick, so I start taking some vitamin and mineral supplements. Can stress affect our immune system? My so-worker got some bad eczema and she claims that is due to...

by User avatar robyn422

stress and the immune system

Answered by a doctor

Can stress affect our immune system? If do in which way it does? I noticed that lately I’ve been under the great stress and my school physician said that I am under the great stress and that these herpes sores are result of it. Is it possible?

by User avatar Guest