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Fear of being in fast car or going downhill

I'm eighteen years old and would like to learn to drive however my fear of being in a car while it is being driven fast or going down hill has put me off of learning. When I am in a car that is going fast or down hill I experience something similar to a panic attack and it's a very uncomfortable...

by User avatar Sophie

Anxiety disorder/emotional&psychological depression

Answered by a doctor

Hi, for the last 8 weeks i've been going through depression and anxiety attacks. At first my panic attacks were severe, my last severe one was 3 weeks ago, but now I feel like my world is collapsing. I'm beginning to think I have a mental disorder because I go through mood swings, and I'm also...

by User avatar talo186

Is nail biting an actual problem or is it just a bad habit?

Is nail biting an actual problem or is it just a bad habit? I have bitten my nails so much that the skin on the tips of my fingers bleed all the time and are all smooth and shiny

by User avatar Guest

anxiety problems all of a sudden

I need your help. I am 47 years old. I work as a consultant in a big lawyer firm. Lately, I have been having these anxiety attacks. I cannot pinpoint the cause of it, they are completely irrational, I fear foe everything. Luckily, it passes in a day or two. Still, an anxiety problem all of a sudden...

by User avatar cheri19437

I' Don't want to be gay this is causing me loads of distress

Answered by a doctor

I'm 16 year old boy & It all started when my friend thought he was gay. So it made me think and for the past 6 months i've been scared, anxious and checking loads of websites to reassure myself. When I was 14 I tried to watch gay porn out of curiosity & I didn't like it. I've always been...

by User avatar Michael Smith

Crawling skin sensation and irrational fear... Anxiety? Or am I a walking bug-nest?

Answered by a doctor

As of half a week ago, my eating and sleeping habits were extremely irregular: I would often not eat, then sometimes eat a meal at night, while living off of healthier things like Naked juice or chocolate soy milk during the days I did not eat. This affected me a lot because I was also on my period,...

by User avatar BentonLover39945

anxiety after moving?

I recently just moved to California from Connecticut to live with my boyfriend at his parents house. Im trying to find a job but haven't yet, and Ive been sitting around all day, not doing much. I keep getting headaches everyday, my heart rate is faster then usual, i feel sick to my stomach a lot,...

by User avatar dingaling18882668

Anxiety/Panic attacks/depersonalization from a night of cocaine :(

Answered by a doctor

Last saturday i was partying and drinking heavily with some friends and one of the guys had some coke, so in my drunk state i decided to do some with him. The next day i felt weird but i figured i was just comin down from the coke/alcohol so i brushed it off.... the next day the anxiety and dreamy...

by User avatar Guest

what is best anti depressant for anxiety

Answered by a doctor

What anti depressant are best for treating anxiety if someone already suffers from Parkinson's? My brother suffers from anxiety as apart of his illness. I would appreciate any advice on this. Thank you.

by User avatar mcelvain1429

Does anyone ever get weird pains on just one side of your face under your cheek bone?

Does anyone ever get weird pains on just one side of your face under your cheek bone? I have severe panic, worry and anxiety and it is scaring me to death. I have TMJ as well, I have weird sensations in my mouth and face. HELP

by User avatar Brent 363323