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I've been having a lot of panic attacks lately

Answered by a doctor

I've been having a lot of panic attacks lately was wandering if anyone could help me learn some tricks to help

by User avatar markmacey294786

sometimes i start talking in my head and it feels like i'm shouting at myself in different tones

i don't know how to explain this but i have sometimes i start talking in my head and it feels like im shouting at myself in different pitched tones, and then it feels like others are yelling at me. I don't think its schizophrenia considering im fairly young, but its been going on for years and kinda...

by User avatar DatBoi365179

Intrusive thinking Real Event OCD

Sorry this is a little long Hi. Im 29 years old and I’ve been fighting OCD intrusive thinking for almost 15 years. It began when I was watching the news one time and someone had committed suicide and the thought “what if I were to do that” entered my mind and boom, that’s all I could...

by User avatar JustNeedHope

How we can identify initial symptoms of an anxiety attack?

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I  don't know much about the anxiety attack please guide me in this regard as sometime I become anxious on little things is it normal or I have an anxiety attack.

by User avatar Alvina Swan364671

Panic attacks when watching scary or sad movies?

Hi. I have some problem that is really uncommon. At least, I think so. I have heard that people are having some panic attacks when they are in the elevator for example, or when they are alone and those things. But I have some other type of panic attacks. I have panic attacks when watching scary...

by User avatar Guest

Fingertip Chewing, Am I the only one?

I chew on my fingertips and on the sides, as well as biting my nails, but the chewing more. I think it's just a symptom of my anxiety but people will see my fingers and ask, "what happened to your fingers?" "are you okay?" and I feel if I tell them the truth they'll think it's gross. which, to be...

by User avatar must dictionary

do bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety make PMS worse?

Answered by a doctor

bi-polar,depression and anxiety does this make pms worse I feel it does for me.

by User avatar RachyRach

Horrible early morning panic

Answered by a doctor

Hello, Here's my story, sorry if it’s long. I've been having building anxiety problems now for a couple months. It started as "situational" due to some medical issues that were worrying me. This resulted in constant anxiousness, obsessive on-line research about diseases I might have, loss of...

by User avatar Guest


Answered by a doctor

March 9, 2006 - - - - - - - - - - After leaving school and being nervous/paranoid, I met up w. a friend and we went to my dad's house and smoked some really good hydro (marijuana). I was sitting there on my bed playing a little guitar after we smoked and then out of nowhere...BAM! I started...

by User avatar xAlexisonfirex57099

Heavy body feeling

Answered by a doctor

I have been experiencing heaviness all over my body, sometimes i feel so heavy i feel like im going to collaspe and on several occassions my legs start trembling because of the heaviness and i have to sit down. I have balance problems, when i walk i feel like something is pulling on my upper back, i...

by User avatar kerry25