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How long do your panic attacks last?

Answered by a doctor

My brother has panic attacks and he is trying it real hard to overcome this problem. But during past few days duration of his panic attacks became longer. It last for even 20 minutes. Is it possible? Can anyone, who has panic attacks, tell me how long your panic attacks lasts?

by User avatar Guest

Extended Deja Vu which lasted for hours

 Had an episode the other day that lasted a few hours. I knew everything that was going to happen then I dissociated and worked on controlling it by doing the opposite or not doing the next thing which caused those around me to change from the pre-determined course. It required me to seem...

by User avatar Greg

Anxiety/Shortness of breath after a night of binge drinking

Answered by a doctor

30 year old male here. So this all started one saturday night when I was binge drinking. Drank around 15 beers and woke up the next morning throwing up. But thing is I didn't have anything in my stomach so it felt like I was throwing up acid. So I drink alot of fluids and try eating later. Around...

by User avatar James

Constant fear of passing out!

Answered by a doctor

Hi, one Sunday morning, after long night of studying, I was getting out of my building. My eyes were tired and heavy and the sun was blinding. For a moment I couldn’t see anything, and than I passed out. When I woke up, there were people around me staring and whispering. This happened two years...

by User avatar Guest

Fast heartbeat & sick to stomach when waking up... anxiety?

Answered by a doctor

For the past week, I have been waking up every morning with my heart beating really fast and feeling really nauseous for about an hour. I am not pregnant. I was diagnosed by my doctor with anxiety and panic disorders 8 weeks ago. She put me on Zoloft, which I found out a week and a half later...

by User avatar EML615127320

Choice of pot or more Zoloft to restore equilibrium.

Having a rough day emotionally. Was wondering to smoke pot or just increase Zoloft. OCD, Arspergers, anger issues. Very choleric. Two laced brownies once threw me into altered state prone for hours.

by User avatar Altepeter363865

Anxiety,panic attacks,headaches, really worried it could be

Ok so i guess im a natural worrier. Ive had IBS for 5 years and get worried about most things very easily. I used to be fine going to college, leaving the house and being alone, until i started getting panic attacks around a month ago. Ever since then ive had two really bad panic attacks. The...

by User avatar Guest

I feel like i am stoned all the time like living in a dream 24/7

Answered by a doctor

I have been diagnosed with gad, depression and depersonlization .i feel like i am stoned all the time like living in a dream 24/7.I have been like THIS for many years . I have taken every medical test and they were fine. has anyone felt like this and recovered? i have tried many different meds over...

by User avatar BRIDGE OF SIGHS

[really long post] My story

My story -------- Around 5 months ago I began a sort of life-changing journey. I started working overseas for a major international company with only 18 years of age. 12 days ago I had my last marijuana joint, and the last 7 days have been riddled with anxiety, loss of appetite, mild...

by User avatar AShelp134226

Emotions feel like they disappear and feeling pathetic

My name is Antoine and I'm 16 years young and I've had a bad reaction from marijuana last month on veletines night and ever since then I feel like an apathetic like i don't care for nothing like i have no feelings towards nothing like when I see something funny I can't get a good laugh and it's...

by User avatar AntoinePerkins722363699