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smoking weed and having asthma is bad?

Answered by a doctor

can you die from smoking weed if you have asthma? my friend recently went to the doctor due to her cough, she has had for months and her asthma was acting up. She was having a hard time breathing and had to take 3 breathing treatments before leaving the doctor's office. The doctor told her that her...

by User avatar Guest

my mom is suffering from asthma for 20 years. can you tell me what is care routine in this case?

i am Jerry and i am new here and i am talking about asthma and here i am asking about the cure and routine about the asthma patient.. any expert here who can help me ??   my mom is suffering from this situation since 20 years please help me?

by User avatar greyish coevolution

Allergies and Asthma Treatment

Answered by a doctor

Many people around the world have asthma problems but Asthma is the most common chronic illness of school-aged children.Find out what you can do to help your child and what issues schools should address to provide an asthma-friendly environment.My brother also asthma problem it is used many medicine...

by User avatar Michal John3948

Addicted to asthma inhaler. how can I stop this addiction?

A few years ago I used an asthma inhaler I was allergic to, after taking it my asthma would get worse and I would take just a little bit of my "asthma attack" one to get rid of it. They found out I was allergic to the regular one and they took me off it, and said my asthma should get better on its...

by User avatar WeirdQueen364243

fluid on the anckles and asthma

Answered by a doctor

I have asthma since I know for myself. Somehow, I get used to live with such a problem and now I get a therapy and live almost normally. However, last few weeks I have noticed another problem, so I am wondering if there is end to my problems. I have noticed fluid collects on the ankles and this...

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Bad Weather and Problems Breathing

Hi. I have problems breathing every time when weather is bad. Especially when it`s foggy and cold. I start coughing and my breathe becomes short. I think I have asthma. What are the symptoms of asthma? Anybody with experience…?

by User avatar vest2371

quit smoking & asthma

Answered by a doctor

I quit smoking two months ago and ever sense my asthma which has been controlled till now has been totally out of control to where I am using my albuteral so much I go through a bottle a week. My doctor has given me many other kinds of asthma medication but nothing seems to work. I get this spasm...

by User avatar Vangie15296

asthma & heart palpitations

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I’ve suffered form heart palpitations for several years. I wake up from a sleep and have a rapid hearth rhythm. Recently, I started having symptoms of asthma when I wake up. Is this normal?

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Shortness of breath when walking 2 blocks!

Answered by a doctor

Am asthmatic and thought  shortness of breath was due to this ailment. I am close to 8 months pregnant and have been having persistent shortness of breath, even after using nebulizer or inhaler. Was told by my doctor that it might be cardiomyopothy. Would appreciate any insight given.

by User avatar kayeskorner

Shortness of breath.

Answered by a doctor

Im 14 years old and i had a history of asthma but the doctor said when i turned 7 the symptoms and the whole thing would dissapear. For a long time now i have this feeling im going to have an asthma attack like i feel as if i cant breathe and im starting to have  shortness of breath and...

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