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side effects of ventolin inhaler

What have you got to say about the ventolin inhaler? I have mild asthma and don't normally have any meds, but when I am feeling particularly wheezy, I do use the ventolin inhaler for relief. It works like a charm and I can almost always breathe easily right after using the ventolin inhaler. However,...

by User avatar eachelle201165552

Do I have asthma??

Answered by a doctor

Hi I'm a 15 year old girl and I really want to know if I have asthma? When I run for about 50 meters I already am tired and when I then have to run for school(+- half hour +- 5 km) I always stop running after like 5 min because it's like I get a steak/knife in my upperbody/heart. I can't breathe...

by User avatar MElisabeth298645

Seasonal Asthma-Related Cough or Smoker's Cough?

Answered by a doctor

Hey all, For the past month and a half, I've been suffering from a pretty consistent cough with no other symptoms of a cold that I've noticed. It's a productive cough, although for the most part I have to force the cough. Basically, it feels like my airway is congested by mucus, but does not cause...

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I have asthma. Can I take Tergetol?

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Use of Advair

Can the use of Advair make me gain weigh?

by User avatar fernandezm116536

Smoking Weed When Having Asthma

Answered by a doctor

so I dont smoke weed very often maybe once every five months but when I do I cant breathe very well for a few days after, is there anything I should/could do so I wouldnt have such a hard time smoking it after?

by User avatar reypriceburton

asthma symptoms and excercise

Answered by a doctor

Hello! Does anybody know what the symptoms for exercise induced asthma are? Thank you for your time!

by User avatar Guest