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How do i know if i have Asthma?

Answered by a doctor

Do any of you have asthma? Have any of you developed it later in life? I had suspected that I have had it for quite some time now. I'll have coughing boughts where I cannot control them or breathe well, especially after running. I've had spells where I get these episodes in the middle of the...

by User avatar Noley

How do you treat asthma when acting up?

Answered by a doctor

Athsma is very hard we would all if you have had trouble breathing after taking your athsma pump it is normal. Just give the medication a few minutes. If not you may need to go to an emergency room. And go to a serious emergency room. I hope I helped you guys

by User avatar Xhboyneed351200

Asthma and perceived fatigue

Answered by a doctor

Asthmatics, when you are having a 'tight' day, do you feel whipped at the beginning of your workout, I'm guessing from lack of oxygen? Pollen, my main allergy and huge asthma trigger, is through the roof this week. I did a spin class today at lunch and could hardly start the class much less kick...

by User avatar cherylpf

Is it possible to have a sports induced asthma?

Answered by a doctor

I was reading another post where someone talked about their legs being able to go on forever but their lungs would hurt and it hurt to breathe. I get the same thing, and people suggested going to the doctors to check and see if it was sports induced asthma. I'm thinking about going but I also swim,...

by User avatar fallenstarr1123

Has anyone who had previously taken Singulair for asthma developed Churg Strauss syndrome afterwards

Answered by a doctor

Has anyone who had previously taken Singulair (monteleukast) for asthma developed Churg Strauss syndrome afterwards? I took Singulair for over a year, gained a fair amount of weight from it, and went off of it. A year later I began having symptoms of vasculitis, along with swollen glands in my arms,...

by User avatar Guest

My wife is suffering from asthma and suddenly she is getting fire type sharp pains in her lungs

Answered by a doctor

My wife is suffering with asthama since 3years suddenly she is getting fire type sharp pains in her lungs . Now what I do?

by User avatar bhanu keerthi347166

throat closing in feels like i cant take deep breath, allergies/asthma

Answered by a doctor

i had my daughter 10weeks ago and since then i have been back and forth to the ER 5 times, i have been diagnosed with hyperthyriodism, GERD my lastest trip to the ER came because i started to feel as thou my throat was closing in and my breathing started to become quick and rapid, been having chest...

by User avatar roechelle27

shorten breath, pounding heart wakes me up

Hi, I'm Brea 18, for a week now i been having these episodes where I try to sleep and I wake up with my heart pounding and shortened breathing. Which is causing me not to sleep. Ever since I graduated in June I have had anxiety, with everything changing and a lot of home problems, such as moving...

by User avatar Simza

Never had breathing problems, and never had asthma.... im also 13

Answered by a doctor

The past few days it felt like something in my throat. Last night I could not breathe for real, it Progressed and next i was crying, it felt like some one had there hands on my throat really tight, my mom took me to the ER i was given 2 breathing treatments, the doctor prescribed an inhaler and...

by User avatar Guest

Some facts about Asthma

Answered by a doctor

Hello. I'm 29 year old mother and I have some questions about my son’s present health state. You see, all problems started about a year ago. My 9 year old son started to complain how he can not stand cigarette smoke in the house. We didn’t consider this to be anything serious but we avoided...

by User avatar Guest