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athsma symptoms

Answered by a doctor

I know that recognizing the signs and symptoms of asthma is very important part of managing asthma. Since I have got son, and husband’s family is full of asthmatic cousins, I want to know more about it. I have heard that early warning signs or mild symptoms are occurring is helpful. Then...

by User avatar Guest

TCM herbal formulae as asthma treatment

Answered by a doctor

I have been suffering from asthma for as long as I can remember, and I have been using medication for the same amount of time. You get a bit fed up with all the inhalers in the end, I have to say! I have started to contemplate using Traditional Chinese Medicine. Do you know of any formulae that help...

by User avatar vaclav973144818

Asthma or something else?

Answered by a doctor

Hello, I am concerned about a certain pain and popping sensation in my chest. It started when I had to be admitted into hospital with suspected meningitis. I had a coughing fit and was worried that it was my asthma. I had no inhalers on me at the time but the wheezing and ability to not breath began...

by User avatar Rickster922142416

fertility in asthma

Answered by a doctor

hi, my friend is suffering frm asthma and is on almost a regular dose of steriods.. she was informed a while ago that the medication she was taking would affect her ability to give birth.. Is it possible..? how can we be extremely sure.. she is 26 and unmarried & healthy..

by User avatar stallion140954

Asthmatics breathe heavy all the time

Answered by a doctor

In 1968 The New England Journal of Medicine published the results of a large study in which breathing and blood gases of a group of asthmatics were investigated. The researchers found that all 101 tested patients had chronic hyperventilation (over-breathing). Those asthmatics who had a light or...

by User avatar Artour

Stop asthma attacks using basic breath control

Answered by a doctor

The exercise was used by over 200 Soviet and Russian doctors who have been practicing the Buteyko breathing self-oxygenation method. They taught it to many thousands of people. The exercise helps, in most cases, to stop asthma attacks without using bronchodilators. (I translated many Russian medical...

by User avatar Artour

Asthma bronchitis question

Answered by a doctor

My history of lung problems goes back about 15 or more years. Working in a casino for 25 years, I gradually developed allergies both indoor and out (winds in Reno), then it worsened to bronchitis(occasionally). Presently, I have had to lose my job and still I had a recent episode of...

by User avatar angel dawn132647

Could this be an Asthma attack?

Answered by a doctor

I went to *****h last night and was fine until the end, and then my hands started shaking for no reason,the room was warm so i know it ain`t that.But before hand i had a black americano,i think it might be this, but, i went to the gym friday andi felt breathless and my heart felt like it does now...

by User avatar ToadD125355

Asthma With Stomach Disorder

Answered by a doctor

I am sending answers of some important questions which will show the symptoms of my disease. 1. Describe your main suffering? Ans: I am facing cold & flu from 6 years which is my real cause of disease. Slowly and stedly it was changed in allergy and now I feel pain and swelling in my...

by User avatar amir123125589

vomiting and asmtha

Answered by a doctor

My wife is suffering from asthma. She uses a treatment inhaled medications, but on our last trip she miscalculated and was out of dose, and she started to panic. I drove her to nearest ambulance and they gave her adrenaline shot, she was better, but after some time she started vomiting. Is this...

by User avatar veronica645