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what are possible complications of huntington's chorea

My twin brother suffers from Huntington's chorea and I have been reading about disease but I am very interesting in possible complications. He suffers predominantly from movement disorder but sometimes expresses and disturbance in thinking, concentration and coordination. Can Huntington affect on...

by User avatar quillan38343

The children of agent orange and MS

Answered by a doctor

My father is a Vietnam vet suffering from agent orange poisoning.  I was diagnosed with MS 8 years ago.  There is no family history of MS anywhere so I am wondering if this could be agent orange related passed on from my father.  Is there anyone els out there like me?

by User avatar joebagadoughnuts

vitiligo treatment on the nhs

Are there any Brits here? If so - hi! I am quite sure that I have got vitiligo, but I haven't been to see my GP yet. I was hoping to get some info about vitiligo on the NHS. Once the GP confirms that I in fact have vitiligo, what will the next step be? Will they give me some prescriptions, or will...

by User avatar abbey775132429

vasculitis and alcohol

Answered by a doctor

I have been diagnosed with vasculitis a while ago. I do like a glass wine now and then, and I lied to the doctor about it because I was scared he would tell me to stop drinking. Can anyone tell me if drinking alcohol is really bad for vasculitis patients? Do you think it aggravates the vasculitis?

by User avatar Guest

vasculitis natural remedies

Answered by a doctor

Are there any people who are into homeopathy and ayurveda over here? I am looking for some proven, no nonsense natural remedies for urticarial vasculitis for my husband, who has been coping with this for ages now. I don't want to buy every homeopathic bottle under the sun, I want something that...

by User avatar flory1510146270

Sjogrens and Pregnacy

Answered by a doctor

Hi. I am a 25 yr old female recently diagnosed with Sjogrens, primary. I have never been pregnant but would one day like to. I was wondering what the complications to pregnancy were for Sjogren's patients aside from heatblock (I am negative for those antibodies). Also, for my dry mouth I am...

by User avatar littlekimbones

cellulitis caused by sunburn

Answered by a doctor

I have a theoretical question that I am hoping to get some views on. Please feel free to contribute anything you may have to say. I have been wondering about the possibility that sunburn causes cellulitis, at least in some cases if not in all. There are several reasons why I think this may be so,...

by User avatar taber2014133305

1100 level on blood test for polymyositis. Does this mean I'm having it for a long time?

Does this number mean I have had it for a long time and had not been diagnosed or could it mean it's just attacking my body extremely fast?

by User avatar Page

Anti-phospholipid Syndrome

Hi. I suffer from anti-phospholipid, or Hughes syndrome. It is an autoimmune disorder. In the time when I was diagnosed, I thought I have Alzheimer’s disease. I take Plaquenil to treat my skin rash and pain. I would like to hear from somebody with experience how can I help myself? How to live...

by User avatar overmyer170

addison's and alcohol

Hello! I'm not an expert in the field of medicine. I ask you to reply to my next question. I would like to know something about addison's disease. In that case I would like to know is there possibility that person who have such disease drink alcohol? I am really interested to know that. So, I wish...

by User avatar anatole114158610