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henoch-schonlein purpura treatment

Hello! I would like to learn something new. Given that only begins to study medicine interested me the next area. My current theme is henoch-schonlein purpura. Actually I need the basic information about treatment. What is most usual for such disease? I wish to thanks for any respond form you.

by User avatar gualterio1571165566

sarracenia purpurea venosa

Hello! I'm not an expert in the field of medicine. I ask you to reply to my next question. I would like to know some facts about sarracenia purpurea venosa. I’ve heard that is some plant. But I would like to know what is this used for. Is it for healing or it is poisoned maybe? Thanks for your...

by User avatar binky665176849

vitiligo laser excimer

It has recently come to my attention that there is such a thing as a vitiligo laser excimer. Apparently this can permanently eliminate any vitiligo spots! That sounds just wonderful, doesn't it?? I would love to hear more about the procedure and how it works exactly. Can you help? Also, do you know...

by User avatar zaneta1008132674

is narcolepsy treatable

I have just heard that a colleague of mine from work has just been told that he has narcolepsy. It is not really any of my business but I would like to know if narcolepsy is treatable and if it is, then what kind of meds can my colleague expect to be given. You know, narcolepsy is just one of those...

by User avatar mel1531142761

narcolepsy driving laws

I was wondering if anyone here was by any chance aware of the laws on driving with narcolepsy. My father has just been diagnosed, and he is already in his late sixties. I know that he should probably report this and that he really shouldn't be driving any more, but he is stubborn and says he will be...

by User avatar danica1863146792

crohn's disease and tylenol

Hi there! I have noticed that there is no shortage of crohn's disease patients here and I am hoping one of you can answer a quick and simple question of mine, fast! I am feeling feverish and headachy and want to take tylenol. Is that allowed for people with crohn's disease? Forgive the ignorance but...

by User avatar aubree1760146793

I am an sle patient

i am an sle patient. can i suffer from any kind of cancer?

by User avatar Guest

crohn's disease joint inflammation

Hi, folks. My friend has been diagnosed with crohn’s disease. In the beginning, he only had abdominal pain and occasional diarrhoea. However, he has also developed some joint inflammation. I would like to find out something more about this disease. It seems really complex to me. Does anyone...

by User avatar chet1298142763