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Need free polymyositis treatment? Any suggestions how to get it?

Free polymyositis treatment...? Please help

by User avatar Sjain241987364847

Does mrsa live in everyone ( does everyone carry mrsa in their bodies)

I want to know if mrsa is carried in everyone's bodies. I was told everyone carries mrsa but its dormant. I don't really believe that so i wanted to know if it was true or not.

by User avatar candace0707178287

crohn's disease and mood swings

Answered by a doctor

My partner has been diagnosed with crohn's disease. I am trying my very best to be supportive and to learn as much as I can about the disease. He has been ever so irritable and suffers from the most terrible mood swings. He has not been a pleasant person to be around. Is this because of crohn's...

by User avatar missy1886142505

crohn's disease and erectile dysfunction

Answered by a doctor

Hi, guys. My friend has been suffering from crohn’s disease for years. Some of his doctors are prescribing him Viagra. I must admit that I am surprised by this. Is it possible that he also has erectile dysfunction? Are these two entities linked one to another? I would really like to see what...

by User avatar kareem1101132960

Drinking Alcohol Lupus

Answered by a doctor

I have 32 years and am suppose to go get some fun regarding New Year’s party and I guess there will be much alcohol around. But my problem is that I have lupus I just got out of one lupus flare and need to know if drinking alcohol has some lupus impact?

by User avatar Guest

Can exposure to PCB (polychlorinated Biphenyl) cause MS (multiple sclerosis)

Can exposure to PCB (polychlorinated Biphenyl) ,  cesium-137, cobalt -60, or sulfur mustard  poise cause Multiple Ss (MS)  or be inherited by children as ADHD or other problems? And is there any way to determine this?

by User avatar Tom

MSM supplement and scleroderma?

I've been diagnosed with scleroderma (morphea) about a year ago and my doctor is still having me take Plaqunil and I can't say it isn't helping, but I'm also afraid that even though the drug works now it still could cause me additional problems on top of what I have to deal with. Its prolonged use...

by User avatar Guest

polymyositis neuropathy

Answered by a doctor

I am looking into the overlap of different autoimmune disorders. Is there any chance that you wonderful people can help me out with some information? I think, but I am not sure, that polymyositis quite often overlaps with neuropathy. Can anyone confirm or deny that perhaps, ideally backed up with...

by User avatar stanleigh903145826

can vitiligo cover the entire body

Hi, there. I have been reading some material on vitiligo. As far as I understand, it is a loss of skin pigment in certain areas. I must admit that I have never seen it before live. I would like to know if this can cover the entire body. Can anyone reply to my post? I would really appreciate it.

by User avatar nevile279143908

guillain-barre h1n1

Answered by a doctor

Hello! I'm not an expert in the field of medicine. I ask you to reply to my next question. I would like to know something about guillain-barre syndrome. Should the person need to take an H1N1 flu vaccination after guillain-Barre syndrome? Is it safe for the general health of the patient? Thanks for...

by User avatar hershel119132270