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crohn's disease and herpes

Answered by a doctor

Hi. A good friend of mine has been suffering from herpes for years. I know that this virus is spread among the general population. However, he has also been diagnosed recently with crohn’s disease. I would like to know if this has something to do with the virus he is carrying. I hope someone...

by User avatar edsel1557163775

ANA and RNP positive; No symptoms, his family has a history of autoimmune diseases

Hello. My fiance made major life changes. After a trip to the ER for chest pain, he lost over 80 pounds, started exercising everyday, gave up alcohol and switched to organic foods (no processed foods either). He stopped drinking as well. His doctors are very happy. All of his blood work is in the...

by User avatar MiaJ

Sjogrens Syndrome and Male sexuality

Answered by a doctor

I have primary Sjogrens Syndrome. I often see written in the list of symptoms for females mention of dry vagina. As a gay man I'm very aware through comparison that I don't have pre-cum like other men. I've never seen anything written about dry glands for men with Sjogrens Syndrome. Is there...

by User avatar Guest

What is lupis?

Answered by a doctor

Hello, I really need advice. My mother was diagnosticed wit lupis and I have no idea what lupis is. Does my father also has lupis? The situation in the house is very nervos and I can't help asking myself if lupis is dangerous? Is this like some kind of cancer? Is she going to die?!!!

by User avatar Guest

MS with a high sed rate of 67, it's been climbing for months

High sed rare of 67. It's been climbing  for months. Any ideas what I investigate or ask my doc to investigate. At first it was complicated cuz think my family doc thought my MS doc was looking after it but that's not the case; my MS doc just so happens to do monthly blood work and that's on...

by User avatar Dee

Comments and reviews on article "EndMS Set To Raise Millions For Finding Multiple Sclerosis Cure"

Answered by a doctor

Users comments and reviews on article EndMS Set To Raise Millions For Finding Multiple Sclerosis Cure by heidi

by User avatar Guest

How to stop odor due to Hidradenitis Suppurativa?

Answered by a doctor

I have been diagnosed with the rare autoimmune disease Hidradenitis Suppurativa, as well as having lupus. Not a great combination, as you might guess. What is the worst is that Hidradenitis Suppurativa caused terrible odor. I feel really ashamed going out in public these days. How can I stop the...

by User avatar krissie143173083

guillain-barre recurrence

Answered by a doctor

Hello! I'm not an expert in the field of medicine. I ask you to reply to my next question. I would like to know something about guillain-barre recurrence. Can guillain-barre syndrome recur? In case that I am not so optimistic my opinion is that this disease is rare for recurrence. Maybe someone has...

by User avatar lorens800149148

lupus anticoagulant syndrome symptoms

Answered by a doctor

My daughter has been diagnosed with lupus anticoagulant syndrome. I know that this is a disorder where antibodies attack blood proteins that are important for blood coagulation. On the other hand, I don’t know the symptoms. Can someone help me with this? I will appreciate all your help. Thank...

by User avatar yuri1022133622

Should I ask to get tested for Lupus?

Hey... so... grab some popcorn. This is going to be a long story. In October 2015 I started to get severely dry skin that would itch to no end and patches started turning white or red and scaly. It happened on my arms mostly and a little on my legs. It went away on its own a few months later....

by User avatar KaryMinuette