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vitiligo on white skin

Hi, there. I have been reading some material on vitiligo. I understand that it is caused by the loss of skin pigment. It is manifested with the areas of white skin. However, I would like to know how to spot vitiligo on white skin. I am talking about really pale people. Does anyone have any idea?

by User avatar pavel225136147

guillain-barre syndrome vaccine

Answered by a doctor

Can anyone tell me the truth about guillain-barre syndrome? Wikipedia and some other websites tell me that guillain-barre syndrome can be caused by the flu vaccine and some other vaccines. Is this just fear mongering? Surely, vaccines are totally safe? If it wasn't for the widespread use of...

by User avatar raynor1112133411

vaginal dryness from sjogren's syndrome or menopause?

Answered by a doctor

Because of some problems I had in the past, I had to remove my uterus and my ovaries. After that surgery I was experiencing early menopause. Beside, I have sjogren's syndrome. My problem is caused by one of this disease or by both. Problem is vaginal dryness during menopause that causes me painful...

by User avatar rakel46298

polymyositis remission

Answered by a doctor

Hi, there. My brother has been diagnosed with polymyositis. I know this is an autoimmune disease of muscles, i.e. muscle fibbers. I would like to know if this disease has remission. Does one can really feel better in some periods? How long do they last? What does provoke new attacks? Thank you in...

by User avatar had850137408

the earliest symptoms you can remember of your lupus

Answered by a doctor

Hello, what were your earliest symptoms of lupus? What age were you? Any advice about diet, and what causes your flares to your best understanding?

by User avatar lesliepema30796

Sufferer of sinusitis for 10 years.

Answered by a doctor

hi.i suffer of sinusitis at least from 10 years ago and it may be seriouse a couple of times per ayear with generl symptomps (headache ,mucopurolant discharges etc.the only G.P adwise in this situation was there any other way?thnks

by User avatar alibabaee200665

Lupus and Yeast Infections

Answered by a doctor

Hello to all - I have (SLE) Lupus and have experienced vaginal yeast infections for years now -I mean this has been going on for over 10 years. I s there any correlation between the two? My GYN always tells me I just have an overgrowth of bacillus cells but this just doesn't seem normal to...

by User avatar Guest

i have HS and I was wondering does anyone know how to get rid of the smell under the arm?

I'm 22 years old and have HS and I was wondering does anyone know how to get rid of the smell under the arm? I can't use deodorant anymore because it makes my HS flare up. Also, do anyone deal with shirts being stained from the drainage? I'm really having a hard time and having a hard time...

by User avatar Guest

hidradenitis suppurativa pictures

Answered by a doctor

I just took a look at pictures of hidradenitis suppurativa. That looks really horrible, I have to say! Is there any treatment for this horrible looking disease? What causes it, actually? I noticed a lot of the boils are on the belly of the patients, is this the most common location? Please tell me...

by User avatar lorry102168123

Have you ever heard of Hidradenitis Suppurativa?

Answered by a doctor

I have been looking in to different autoimmune diseases and there are just so many of them around! Many more than you would first think. Take Hidradenitis Suppurativa for instance, it is something that I had never heard about before. Have you? Can you tell me what it does? How does it affect the...

by User avatar dame869202436