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Provigil for Depression?

Answered by a doctor

Hello.. My doctor wants to try me on Provigil for the fatigue I have with my depression. I'm on Lexapro and Xanax now. Not sure if this will help my energy. I need s'thing to help my MOOD. Any thoughts? :-) Thank you! :-D

by User avatar Guest

Provigil for Depression?

Answered by a doctor

Hi all.. My doctor wants to add Provigil to help with my depression. I am taking lexapro and Xanax too. I needed s'thing to give me a "boost" and she said she wont give me Paxil or any of those..Wellbutrin didn't help but only made me tired and feel zonked! I want to try Provigil, but...

by User avatar PeppyGirl61

Medication problem Adderall XR 30mg vs Ampheta S/Combo 15mg

Answered by a doctor

First post/question: I have a diagnosis of Hyper Somnolence, along w/ many other medical problems for which I take multiple Rx's. I have just recently been classified as disabled by Social Security. I had been prescribed Adderall XR 30mg and was doing fairly well on this. Since I went from...

by User avatar Dougj10ra69946

Provigil for fatigue

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I suffer from excessive sleepiness for a long time. I was told to use provigil, and I would like to know if it really reduces the symptoms of fatigue? Did it help anybody?

by User avatar fromme285

i have taken ambien and adderol at the same time

Answered by a doctor

if i take ambien 12.5 and i cant fall asleep, then want to take a 25 mg adderol..what affect can that have on my body

by User avatar Me

Taking Ambien for years

Answered by a doctor

I have been taking ambien for years. Because of that I am now addicted to it. My dosage is increasing weakly and that is starting to worry me a lot. Also I have problem with getting proscriptions from doctors and from side effects. It looks like I have no longer control under my own life. Any advice...

by User avatar annadiana32114

Ambien or sonata

Answered by a doctor

I believe that many of you know how it look like when you are moving around in the bed all night an cant fall asleep. I have that problem too often. I went to a doctor for an advice. He had prescribed me with Ambien 5 mg before bedtime. But my sister say that she had take Sonata and that it work...

by User avatar herbie33681

Switching Ambien to Restoril

Answered by a doctor

Hello I would like to talk to you about my problem I am 41 years old and I have been having trouble sleeping in past few weeks. I only turn in bed from one side to the other and that is it. I have been using Ambien and it proved really helpful, but on several occasions I took it during day and later...

by User avatar cobbie33523

ambien cr and alcohol

Answered by a doctor

I forgot about the two martini's (obviously) and took one ambien cr (12.5). I feel a little funny though still functioning. Please advise at your earliest conveinece. Kelly B PS - I do have three kids.

by User avatar kbrown

Unable To Fall A Sleep

HI, my grandmother has problems falling asleep, and she’s been taking Lunesta, but I would like her to stop taking drugs as it will not be easy to stop taking them.

by User avatar roseann788