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Withdrawal from elavil

I have been taking 10mg of elavil for sleeplessness (caused by stress and SAD) since February 2008. I am feeling much better now and want to stop taking it. However, every time I try to cut down on the dosage, I feel sick, with the following symptoms: dizzy, groggy, achy, nausea, chills, achiness....

by User avatar angielar71842

possible lingering side effects

i took 25mg zoloft and 25mg trazodone for two and a half weeks, stopped both at once, very bad side effects. am still feeling not myself, iam wondering if this is normal and how long it may last, it has been 7 days. Iam very sensitive to medicines and the doctor was aware i was stopping.

by User avatar Sleepless

About Provigil

I am always sleepy. In the office they called me sleepy bear. It is sweet nickname but I can lose my job because of it. They need staff with energy and motivation. So I went to a doctor and I have end up with prescribed Provigil. I want to know if it is an amphetamine?

by User avatar Guest


I have trouble sleeping. Sometimes I cant fall asleep all night. I keep thinking about what have I done, hat should I done and so one until the done comes and it is time to go to the job. More I stay awake I am more nervous. I have to do something. My friend mentioned me some drug called Lunesta....

by User avatar doy32392

On Fiorina

Hi, my sister is 22 years old and I have found tablets of fiorina in her pocket while I want to wash her pants. I know that she doesn't suffer from any disease so I would like to know what kind of medication is this and what it may cause. I would appreciate any information you post.

by User avatar janith33380

Is my husband deendent on Zolipidem Tartrate?

Last September my husband was prescribed Zolipdem Tartare to help him get to sleep with his new CPAP machine. His ENT still prescribes it to him. He takes it everynight. I am worried that he has developed a dependance. I have noticed that after he takes it, he may be somewhat awake, but does not...

by User avatar casemanager09142864

pain in brast

does trazadone cause breast pain I take 25mg per/night for sleep. started on 1/04/09 thank you

by User avatar lisa

what are the side effects of seroquil?

What are the side effects of seroquil? Also taking Abilify.

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Sleep Issues... Any Ideas? my turn to see if anyone has any help to throw my way! I have such a messed up sleep cycle - and I don't know why or how to fix it! At night - when I should be sleeping I am WIDE awake...every night...without exception (I suppose answering questions on doesn't help...)....

by User avatar taz189094076

Rozerem- Sleeping Med

Hi, I have been having trouble sleeping for couple of weeks. My best friend has told me to ask my doctor for Rozerem sleeping pills. She says they help her sleep like a baby. I would like to hear someone elses opinion about this drug. I am mostly interested in the possibility of getting addicted to...

by User avatar ddene44442