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Feeling depressed after stopping the birth control pills?

Answered by a doctor

This post is an extension of the Side effects of stopping the birth control pill - depression thread. Please continue posting within this thread.

by User avatar Jenny3481

birth control affecting face shape?

I am 20 and I was diagnosed with PCOS (even though I'm thin-I honestly think I have CAH) and was put on birth control. I forgot the first type I went in, it was low hormone whatever it was, and because my acne became worse, I was then put on a generic form of yaz. The thing is my face seems so...

by User avatar meg20

Heavy bleeding after getting off depo

Answered by a doctor

I had my last depo shot in early march. Its now late Oct. and im experiencing really heavy bleeding and cramps. I started to get my period a month after my last due shot. it was very irregular at first then began to regulate itself, but this month i have had it for about 2 weeks and 3 days with...

by User avatar Guest

Plan B morning after pill; skin rash on body

Answered by a doctor

Hi I have recently taken Plan B the morning after pill as of actually exactly a week ago yesterday. Since then, I have gotten my period very early and am now experiences a skin rash that seems to have started on my back and randomly spread to my neck, stomach and even lower abdominan. I was...

by User avatar Guest

endometrial ablation and tubal ligation

Answered by a doctor

Has anyone had an endometrial ablation and tubal ligation done at the same time? How was the recovery? Do you still get a period?

by User avatar Gina73

I got off depo shot last year and still don't have my period. I'm having cramps and brown spotting

I have been on Depo shot 6 years. I got off August 2018 this is April 2019. Still no cycle, cramping, spotting brown. Still no period.

by User avatar ALane3

anxiety attacks after stopping birth control

Answered by a doctor

I have been off birth control now for a little over a month, and since coming off of the pill I have experienced sever anxiety attacks, and a feeling of nervousness to the point that I can't eat. It has affected my everyday life greatly, and I even have a hard time making through the work day. I am...

by User avatar shelbylynn1985

brown discharge on implanon

Answered by a doctor

about a month or two ago i got an implanon. i got my period for about 7 days, which is unusual for me but i accepted it. but now im getting brown discharge, is this nomal with the implanon? thanks

by User avatar lacy

light bleeding After Taking Postinor 2 pill

Light bleeding for week going to 2 weeks after taking the posinor 2 pill

by User avatar Guest

nuvaring birth control weight loss

Answered by a doctor

One friend of mine started to use NuvaRing for birth control. She told me that NuvaRing is ring which she implants into her vagina once a month. Then it protects her of unwanted pregnancy during whole month. Also she told me that might help her with weight loss. I wonder if that is true, because I...

by User avatar Guest