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Constant Brown Discharge and Cerezette

Answered by a doctor

I have been on Cerezette now for almost five months and for four of those months I had constant brown spotting/discharge everyday. It stopped for about 3 weeks but has returned. Before this I was on Yasmin but had to change from it due to moodswings. I have never experienced brown spotting before,...

by User avatar Guest

Problems with Mirena

Answered by a doctor

Mirena initially sounded like the magical birthcontrol! One office visit to have it inserted. No monthly prescription refills. Improves mestration. Duration of 5 years use. Yes, sounds wonderful. I know everyone's body, and body chemisries work differently with medications in general. I...

by User avatar Alli91483169880

NuvaRing causing acne??

Answered by a doctor

Hello, I just started the NuvaRing a little over a month ago and after the first cycle, I started having fairly bad acne problems. I have never in my life had problems with acne (not even in my teenage years), so I am pretty upset about it. Is the NuvaRing known to cause acne? Is there any other...

by User avatar KatherineG

Period a week early? Or just spotting? Possibly be Pregnant?

Answered by a doctor

Please, please give me some advice or input.  It's killing me.Here's my situation.I've been on birth control (TriNessa) for 4 years now.  It's always been normal.  My period has always started on the 3rd or 4th placebo pill day and lasted for about 6 days.  Always.This past month, I've been...

by User avatar Just_Me82

Messed up my birth control pill, could I be pregnant?

Answered by a doctor

So usually I'm pretty good about taking my pill on time. I am on Lutera tablets 28S. I messed up my pill though the last week of regular pills which is the week before the sugar pills. I almost always get my period the Tuesday during sugar pill week, which would have been July 18th, but I got it on...

by User avatar hopefullynot13

Birth control without fathers consent?

I don't want to ask my dad about this but I'm getting old enough that I worry how about if I decide two have sex for some reason then I don't want to get pregnant. So I was thinking about getting on birth control. I see so many girls getting pregnant now and it scares me even though I'm still a...

by User avatar Hannah360984

depo injection and brown vaginal discharge

Answered by a doctor

I recently went past the due date for my depo injection. I got the shot about 2 weeks late. I started my period while waiting for the new shot. Since I got the shot I have experienced a brown discharge. It has no odor and does not occur everyday. It seems to worsen during times of stress. Could this...

by User avatar Guest

I do not have access to plan B, what should i use at home?

Answered by a doctor

Hello there im 17 and i had unprotected foreplay with my boyfriend yesterday i made sure his pe--s tip never touched my vag--a but was only on my clit. There had been precum. My period is in 1 day tho I don't have regular periods. What is my chance of getting pregnant and how can i abort at...

by User avatar noisome townhouse

I forgot to take birth control injection and took morning after pill 3 times, but never got period

Hi i was wondering if anybody could give me some advice, i came off the injection in APRIL 2018 as i forgot my renewal appointment. I had unprotected sex a week after my scheduled app that i forgot, realising the next day i forgot my app i took the morning after pill. Since april i have had two...

by User avatar renla00366948

anoter plan b post : long term effects?

Answered by a doctor

from what i've read, it seems as if plan b completely messes with hormones, so nearly anything out of the ordinary (i.e. periods within two weeks of each other, nausea, etc.) isn't really an extraordinary side effect. what i'm wondering is for how long plan b generally affects a woman's cycle....

by User avatar Guest