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Can I take the birth control pill at the age of 17??

Well I am 16 now right... but in a moth I am turning 17! On the 21 of August. I am thinking of starting the birth control pill after September. I do have a boyfriend and we are sexually active, but I am far away from him and I will go back in September! But I would like to ask... Can I take the...

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Coming of birth control, ovulation test is negative. I had on and off bleeding

Answered by a doctor

Hello I am new to all of this and trying to get some advise. I finished my pack of bc in December of 2017 after being on it for probably 4 years and  went till July 3rd with no bleeding..on July 3rd I started bleeding and just stopped yesterday July 14th. Does anyone have any ideas of what that...

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plan b side effects - how long are they supposed to last?

Answered by a doctor

I've had 2 very different experiences taking Plan B. On July 12, I had unprotected sex with my ex-boyfriend, he pulled out, but still requested for me to take Plan B just in case. Anyhow, I took it 8 hours after we had sex and I had stomach pains and cramps until July 17. On the morning of July...

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Prolonged bleeding after Plan B

Answered by a doctor

took Plan B... bleeding started 3 days later...going on 14th day and still bleeding!!! is this normal????? %-)

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I got my iud put in yesterday morning and I have a crazy itching and it burns like hell to pee now

Answered by a doctor

I got my iud put in yesterday morning it’s been about 24 hours and I have a crazy itching and it burns like hell to pee now. I’m always going online trying to figure out what’s going on and I’m glad that I’m not going crazy and glad to see I’m not the only one. Not that I’d ever wish...

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brown discharge after taking morning after pill

Answered by a doctor

I am 19 years old, my boyfriend and I have always used a condom during sex. But the last time we had sex, the condom fell off. We both got scared so I went to the health center and got the Plan B package of the "morning after pill" I had to wait 72 hours until I could take it because of the hours it...

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No sexual attraction/ feelings towards my boyfriend after birth control

Hi! Was wondering if anyone feels this way????! I stopped taking my last birth control pill a little over a month ago. Everything was fine and I felt great right after stopping it. I've had a boyfriend for almost 3 years who I love unconditionally. BUT about a month coming off birth control and I...

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I had unprotected sex 2 days ago and my ovulation is tomorrow. should I take another postinor2

I had unprotected sex on Sunday and took Postinor 2 that same day, I had sex on Tuesday, And my ovulation is tomorrow should I take another postinor2

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I'm feeling nauseous after taking Plan B One Step. Is it just a side effect?

Answered by a doctor

Please help me. I need answers. This will be kinda long so I'm sorry! So 7 days ago me and my boyfriend had sex for the first time. We were using a condom almost the whole time. But he penetrated me without a condom without me knowing (Don't worry we had a long serious talk about this! He will never...

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Nausea when coming off depo provera shot?

Answered by a doctor

I have been struggling lately with very bad nausea every day. It's comes and goes during the day but is the worst in the evening/night. I have recently (about 2 months ago) come off the depo shot after being on it for about 3 years. I asked my doctor if the nausea could be a side effect of...

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