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I'm feeling nauseous after taking Plan B One Step. Is it just a side effect?

Answered by a doctor

Please help me. I need answers. This will be kinda long so I'm sorry! So 7 days ago me and my boyfriend had sex for the first time. We were using a condom almost the whole time. But he penetrated me without a condom without me knowing (Don't worry we had a long serious talk about this! He will never...

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Nausea when coming off depo provera shot?

Answered by a doctor

I have been struggling lately with very bad nausea every day. It's comes and goes during the day but is the worst in the evening/night. I have recently (about 2 months ago) come off the depo shot after being on it for about 3 years. I asked my doctor if the nausea could be a side effect of...

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Anxiety, flu-like symptoms and lack of appetite after I started taking Sprintec

Answered by a doctor

Holy cow, so glad I stumbled on this site!!! What peace it brings to me to not only know we are not alone, but possibly gain some insights and answers to questions.  I have been on BC since I was 20. I’m now 38 and was currently taking Sprintec. I started having issues last month the week...

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will plan B still work if she took it 4 days after having sex? also, her breasts are hurting

Answered by a doctor

So me and my girlfriend had sex on a Monday and I gave her the plan b pill on a Friday and I wanted to know if the pill will still work and I also wanted to ask if it’s possible that her breasts hurt and she bleeds 14 days later??  

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Strange symptoms after getting off Depo Provera - Part 2

Answered by a doctor

This post is an extension of the Strange symptoms after getting off Depo Provera? thread. Please continue posting within this thread.

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Smoking Weed on NuvaRing

Answered by a doctor

Can I smoke weed while on NuvaRing? I'm afraid that it might screw something up, but I don't want to be forced to give it up.

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how do you get rid of odor caused by Mirena?

How do you get rid of the odor mirena causes

by User avatar concerned1982

I have the mirena and I haven't noticed anything but yesterday after sex partner told me I smelled

So I have the mirena and I haven't noticed anything but yesterday the most embarrassing thing happen to me my daughter's dad and I were having sexual intercourse he didn't say anything during but today he told me I needed to check on my little friend because after I took a shower he still smelled me...

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Extremely worried about getting girlfriend pregnant every time we have sex

I'm always worried after sex that my girlfriend could be pregnant. The fist we had sex was my first and I was absolutely terrified that she may have become pregnant as she touched my penis then the condom and also herself. All these thoughts were going trough my head and at that time I had not even...

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Sexual health

I am on minerva , and due to have my period now but i havent gotten it yet.i have 2 white pills left ...what does this mean

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