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light bleeding After Taking Postinor 2 pill

Light bleeding for week going to 2 weeks after taking the posinor 2 pill

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Coming off Microgynon. Has anyone had a terrible time coming off this pill?

Microgynon. Has anyone had a terrible time coming off this pill?

by User avatar moonstruck two

Weight Gain With Mirena IUD

Answered by a doctor

This post is an extension of the Mirena iud weight gain thread. Please continue posting within this thread.

by User avatar Jenny3481

why am I seeing blood after using IUD?

Can some one help me  see blood when I'm using UID

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ParaGuard Copper IUD

Answered by a doctor

After hearing horror stories about Mirena, I wanted to share my experience with ParaGuard, which is a copper IUD that has no hormones (the copper acts as a spermacide). I have been extremely pleased with this product. Insertion was somewhat painful, but the sharp pain lasted only 3 seconds. (I have...

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Relationship doubts after stopping the pill? It feels like my feelings disappeared over night

So I stopped taking the pill (Loestrin 20) at the end of 2018.  Since then, I've had major doubts about my relationship - we have been together for three years - I'm 27 and he is 30.  It has caused me huge anxiety, which led to weight loss, insomnia, lack of appetite, not being able to...

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Mirena IUD Side Effects

Answered by a doctor

Hello everyone. I've had my Mirena IUD for about 6 wks now and I LOVE it. Only slight spotting here and there. However, lately I've noticed a weird gush of liquid that happens at random moments throughout the day. It's clear and odorless. Anyone else experience anything like this?

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heavy bleeding after nuvaring removal

Answered by a doctor

I've had breakthrough bleeding with mirena iud for 10 months, had the iud removed and inserted nuvaring the same day. I started clotting immediately, by day 2 of nuvaring I desided to remove it. My period started that day, it was very heavy at first. I saturated 4 pads under 2hrs. It slowed down to...

by User avatar patapoof

removing the mirena at home

Answered by a doctor

I was wondering if i can remove the mirena on my own because its driving me crazy. I developed a smell that the clinic said was nothing /no infection and my husband and i notice it during sex .VERY EMBARASSING and there are plenty of other bad changes going on since i got it . The reason i want to...

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Coming off long term depo use and curious about side effects. Not concerned about pregnancy

Hi. I have been on depo for 22 years. I have had no issues. It has worked great for me. However as I’m getting older I’ve thought about getting off it and letting nature do it’s thing. I’m a healthy and active 42 year old. Not concerned about getting not being able to get pregnant....

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