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side effects of coming off depo provera

Answered by a doctor

I was on the depo shot for twelve years and loved it mainly because I had no period. The doctors took me off recently because I was showing early signs of bone loss. My last shot was July 2007 and my period didn't come back until May 2008. It was the heaviest period I ever experienced for three days...

by User avatar tlipp2673

should I take plan b pill since I am pretty sure my fertile period is long over

Answered by a doctor

My period started on 27th June and ended on around 3rd July. Have not had period since and had a contraceptive accident just today. Should I be worried and take the plan b pill since I am pretty sure my fertile period is long over.

by User avatar Guest

Birth control

Does avian work if u take it right after a guy cummed in u instead of before ?

by User avatar Guest

Birth Control Pill and IBS

Answered by a doctor

I was wondering if having IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) affects the effectiveness of the pill? I am currently on Necon 1/35 and I'm not sure if having IBS would affect the pill's effectiveness. I am not 100% certain that i have IBS but i have some of the symptoms.

by User avatar treesa26860

Mirena coil can cause extreme sweating?

Answered by a doctor

can the mirena coil cause extreme sweating. My hair gets wet, sweat drips off my face and runs down my back.  My body goes boiling for no reason.Im 47 and the doctor put me on everol 100mg patches but no improvement.

by User avatar honey

I am second time on Mirena IUD and got white discharge and a rotten smell

This is my second round with the Mirena IUD. I got it back in 2010 after my daughter and had it for four years . I took it at in year four because of the smell. I started getting the thick white discharge right away around my period starting but the smell didn't come until year four. It's not a...

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Plan b

I am 16 years old and i had sex and my friend we didnt plan on having sex he felt something werid and he pulled out and the condom broke we relkzed after hepulled out the condom hasnt been broken in mefor.long we relized pretty quickly i saw on the person dick pre cum i was at my peroid at the time...

by User avatar Guest

The IUD havent stopped bleeding

Answered by a doctor

I jus had my son 4 1/2 months ago and I had my IUD put in when he was 2 months old. I have had my IUD in for 10 weeks now and I havent stopped bleeding since I had it put in. I have been having cramps with it as well! I wanna know if anyone else has been expirencing the same issues or if it's just...

by User avatar Chelsea

light period/spotting a week after taking plan b

Answered by a doctor

i took plan b about a week and a half ago. two days later i started a light period, it's a more brownish, dried blood type deal. what you see at the beginning or end of a period. i have had that for about 5 days now. I also have breast tenderness. The other night i had nausea. is it normal to feel...

by User avatar craxiclinger39837

Mirena weight gain MYTH

Answered by a doctor

I had my mirena inserted about a month ago and I was terrified about gaining weight, especially after reading countless posts. When I asked my doctor about it, he laughed and said it was very unlikely to simply gain weight from an IUD. He was right, I eat very well and I work out often. My mirena...

by User avatar EnnJay