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Problems with Birth Control

Ok, so I have some problems with my birth control. And after nine months of taking it, Ive had the same symptoms (pretty much most of the side effects of this pill) including irregular vaginal bleeding( sometimes breakthrough bleeding and other time irregular bleeding), nausea and vomiting, change...

by User avatar havocgirl111104193

Unprotected Sex While Not On Pill.. Pulled Out Before Ejacul

my girlfriend and i have been together for 2 years now. my girlfriend used to be on the pill... but she stopped taking it during december.. around about the 21st.. she had to stop because she was going onto a lower dosage pill as she had lost weight and the pill was making her sick and depressed....

by User avatar Bugaloo19568

i changed pills to cilest

3 months ago i changed pills to cilest. i was told to go back after these 3 months to check everything was okay and to put it on repeat prescription. But, 3 days before the end of the last packet I missed a pill and because it was less than 5 days before the end of the packet I should take the next...

by User avatar x6xKittyx9x24853

Should I accept Estrogen Shot?

I've been on Depo-Vera for 10 months now, and after about 1, the side affects were just far too much to bare. I don't even know why I stayed on it that long. Since Depo doesnt have estrogen, and I was acting all bi polar on it, the doc thought it would be a good idea to give me a shot of estrogen...

by User avatar Rose2166404

Fertility problem or not

? I wanted to know if i have some fertility problem, I’m 24 and I have always had a regular cycle, which was normally every 28 days, but for the past 4 months, my cycle has been very irregular and now has a 40 to 50 days cycle, cold there be a problem?? P.S. I'm trying to conceive but...

by User avatar ggifty24928

bleeding after stopping the birth control pill

ive been on the pill for 4 years.. and i just stopped taking it 5 days ago.. and yesterday day 4 i started bleeding and now today im bleeding like crazy... is this suppose to happen? =S

by User avatar Guest

Birthcontrol/Antibotic and Spot Bleeding

Help! I just got done taking an Amoxicillan and I'm spotting. I stopped taking my birth control pill and it lightened up. Today I started taking a new pack of Birth Controll pills and now I'm spotting heavier, but not like a period. Did I do the right thing? Could I be pregnant/having a...

by User avatar Guest

stopped birth control and feeling terrible side effects!

i'd much rather use barrier methods such as condoms and spermicide and the diaphragm. i decided to go off the pills since i didn't even feel like myself on it. but when i stopped my last cycle and went on my 7 day free of pills, which is this week, i feel very dizzy, anxious, weak and my head feels...

by User avatar hunnie_sexy_18

side effects of stopping the BCP

3rd month off of the BCP and still feeling emotionally funky! haveing severe anxiety and depression and it is scaring me. thoughts of suicide and hopelessness, nausea and panic attacks! anyone else feel like this? i was on the pill for 9 yrs. and i m 27. i just cant take much more of this. i...

by User avatar Guest

Bleeding for 5 days, is it side effect of contraceptive pill?

Answered by a doctor

Hi I had sex with my boyfriend 2 weeks back and took i-pill.Now i have some bleeding from 5 days but it is not stoped. how maney days the bleeding will continued.Can you plese tell me is it normal or it is some sort of common side-effects of i-pill or it causes to pragnence,also have abdomen pain....

by User avatar Guest