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Stomach pain and feet problems (full history because I don't know what is important)

I was born with the kidney issues that basically the valve went the wrong way, but I grew out of it at 2 (idk if this is important). I used to have bladder problems in 4th grade, excessive peeing (i.e. I peed about 3 times per class). My stomach pain started getting more intense in 6th grade (always...

by User avatar matrixpin

Water infection - back & stomach hurt, shortness of breath?

Answered by a doctor

i keep getting water infection since my boy was born he is 2 next month ive been doctors last count how many time ive been on antibotcs. got a kidney scan coming up and ive got another water infection but this time my back and stomach hurt and i get shortness of breath do you think i should be...

by User avatar Guest

Strange sensation after UTI - how to treat it?

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I have been having a very unusual situation and none of the GPs I have gone to can explain it. I have had UTIs several times before and I would always just get antibiotics and they would go away quickly. A week ago I recognized the symptoms of a UTI (felt like I had to urinate all the time, pain...

by User avatar kitkat

My kidneys are functioning normally, but I never pee after drinking alcohol. No fluid retention

hello everyone! i dont know from where to start, but i have this strange issue that i could not find any kind of information, never heard about this, internet has thousands of information, but NONE answer for my question and im desperate to know at least something why, what to do? problem is...

by User avatar Guest

A little blood in urine and abdominal pain. Peeing frequently and having sharp pain in urethra

I have a lil blood in my urine with abdominal pain as well as sharp shooting pain in my urethra and peeing more frequently and my bladder is still full is there anyone who has had this problem

by User avatar MAW

pain and discomfort in urethra, but no UTI

Answered by a doctor

So, my problem started six months ago when I had a bad UTI. I was put on antibiotics, but still felt some mild discomfort afterwards. I wasnt sure it was a UTI, so I waited a few weeks to go back to the doctor. After going back, I found out I still had some bacteria in my urine, and was put on more...

by User avatar Guest

Bleeding a lot out of urethra, how serious is it? I need to wear a pad whole time

Hello, I am a female 28 and I have recently started to bleed out my urethra. It's to the point where I have to have a pad on all the time. It doesn't seem to be coming out of my vagina since it's located near my pee hole on the pad, I am putting a tampon in just to make sure.  I don't have...

by User avatar Guest

Peeing Out Semen

Answered by a doctor

Well... I think this is the right place. What happened is, I was having a Pee, and it got really thick, there was a string (I think it was about 10-16 CM) of what i think was semen hanging off the end of my penis, it'd come out with the pee. Even stranger, it's thinker than my normal semem, i had...

by User avatar CSlipJ9698

Bladder/urethra pain no infection or STD's

Answered by a doctor

So i had some unprotected sex and thought i had an STD, a trip to the ER later theres nothing no infection to cause a UTI, no blood in the urine, no STD's detected and everything seemed fine after they gave me Doxycycline..few days later i get some bladder and urethra pain(near the head and deep in...

by User avatar bpain142646

foot pain while urinating

Answered by a doctor

when urinating, I get a sharp pain in the top center of my right foot. I feel somewhat the same sensation in my penis at the same time. The pain is not severe but is sharp and noticble. Any ideas?

by User avatar consult236