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Urethra Pain Caused By Sugar

Answered by a doctor

I suffered from urethra pain for years, I had no idea what could be causing it. It was a mystery to the doctor as well. Through trial and error I realized sugars and desserts were the cause of my pain. I gave them up for 2 weeks and had no episodes. When I would eat sugar or desserts I would have...

by User avatar lestudio

Bladder not emptying all the way

Hi, I have some urinary tract problems, I don’t feel pain, but my bladder is not emptying all the way. Is it some infection? I believe it should hurt, if it was an infection.

by User avatar Guest

swelling Vagina near Urethra

I am deperate, in severe 24/7 pain ! I have a pain and swelling near to urethra top of vagina one side, close to urethra= had this 3-4 years, it getting larger and worse. - nobody can seem to help. I get a spasmodic pain in groin bone which is related, I am 100% it is cyst. had vaginal repair...

by User avatar Guest

occasionally i pass a thick, jelly like substance in my urin

Answered by a doctor

i am a 28 year old male and occasionally i pass a thick, jelly like substance in my urine that causes pain throughout the inside of my penis... this substance is so thick that it will not flush with the water in the toilet and it is VERY sticky to the touch. is this an std or a kidney stone? god, i...

by User avatar rsgibsonesq38614

To Bladder Sling or not to sling???

Answered by a doctor

I am 30 years old. I have had 5 children, all of which were vaginally delivered. I have been diagnosed with stress incontinence. My symptoms are mainly frequent feeling of bladder fullness and frequent urination. If my bladder is full and I cough or sneeze I'll leak a bit, much like I always did...

by User avatar Guest

chronic pelvic pain after bladder sling surgery

Answered by a doctor

i had bladder sling surgery done in feb of 2007. Since then i have had to have surgery done 4 more times. i have a spot on the right side of my vaginal wall that has caused me a great deal of pain ever since the first surgery. It hurts all the time. I had the mesh on the right side of the sling...

by User avatar angie

Urethral Pain With No Infection

Answered by a doctor

For past two years I have suffered from urethral pain. I did the tests but there was no infection found. They told me I got some disorder, so I have done biofeedback and followed the IC diet to no avail. Now I have been in pain for 4 weeks and no one has an answer for me and the vicodin is losing...

by User avatar Guest

my doctor is very negative about Urolift system, what's your opinion

I did a lot of checking on-line and looked at many reviews about urolift but found nothing.  The only thing that concerns me is that it has not been around for any length of time.  When I asked my Dr about it he seemed very negative about it.  Its easy to find everybody raving about the system I...

by User avatar Bruce Kravetz326686

Can prostatitis cause pelvic pain if untreated?

Can prostatitis cause pelvic pain if untreated? How to prevent it? help!

by User avatar Henrywong03

blood in semen and a small amount of white blood cells in urine

There is blood in semen and a small amount of white blood cells in urine. The doctor says it's normal. Can I continue to have sex? My concern is when antibiotics can be stopped and whether there are other drugs to replace them.

by User avatar Henrywong03