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IM 16 yr.old im urinating with little bit of blood

could someone tell me wt is happening to me???because 1 early morning when i went to the CR when i urinate my penis was so hurt....and a little a sec. there's a blood coming from my penis my parents told me i'm HAVING A U.T.I but a feel that this is not a u.t.i could someone tell me what is...

by User avatar pyrojade

urination problems following radiotherapy

I had hysterectomy done two months ago for I was diagnosed with cervix cancer. I’ve passed through radiotherapy and have urination problem following radiotherapy. It’s that I cannot control my urinate needs. So I’d like to hear is this going to last forever or what?

by User avatar tyson1569

bubbles preceding urination

11 yr old boy see bubble preceding urination. Is it a puberty symptom?

by User avatar esti23197

ibs and uti

Answered by a doctor

My name is Lora, 23 and I have a problem. I am diagnosed with urinary tract infection (UTI) .My physician prescribed me a therapy but I am still in a fog how I got it. I am worried about my kidneys, can this disease spread on other organs? I also heard it can cause Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)....

by User avatar Guest

male and female ureatha

I have heard some people had problem with urethra. When I wanted to read more about this part of human body, I found something interesting. They said male and female had different urethra. I want to hear more about that, could it be true. I would appreciate if you could tell me more about urethra,...

by User avatar Guest

bright yellow like a tennis ball

I have been peeing out bright yellow like the colour of a tennis ball for the past 3 or 4 days now. Ive been drinking water like crazy too. Alos yesturday ive experienced a little bit of cramping or pain like feeling on my right side just where about the hip bone is. It felt like i was going to...

by User avatar lacey2772069

female bladder control

Hi,I am a 53 yr old female. I am having some sort of bladder problem, i do not always have warning when i need to urinate, which is very stressful. Once I realise I have to pee I often have no time to get to the bathroom and cannot hold on at all. Similar to when there is an infection present, but...

by User avatar robsmi

should i be worried?

occasionally when i pee, like today, the water sorta rises to the top so that it's a darker yellow underneath, even when i've drunk a lot of water is this natural or should i be concerned?

by User avatar Guest