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Constant feeling of having to urinate and also poop

For the last couple weeks I have the feeling just about all of the time that I have to pee and poop. (sorry for the graphic terms)When I start to urinate it feels okay and then it will feel like my urine is being blocked and the flow of urine slows down until I am done. Seems like I can't pee with...

by User avatar 3857jsg283870

Feeling the urge to pee when trying to stay still

For years and still on going, me sitting still while my mother did my nails or when I try to meditate while on my back or even when I'm getting my eyebrows done and have to stay still so the lady doing them doesn't mess up, I always get the urge to pee or just feel plain unconformable and want to...

by User avatar fearsome rope

Ureter Stent Removal

Answered by a doctor

Does it hurt to have a ureter stent removed? I'm so extremely nervous to have this done.... I had a 4mil kidney stone, which was blasted out, now I have a ureter stent. Any insight would be great. Thanks btw, 25 year old male, non smoker, non drinker.

by User avatar poppster61813

feeling like i have to poop and pee at the same time and it is very painful

feel like i have to poop and pee at the same time very painful

by User avatar Guest

Acid reflux and Bladder irritation

Answered by a doctor

Hello, Last summer I experienced 3 months of constantly painful bladder-very irritated. My doctor did extensive tests and realized that I DO NOT have Interstitial Cystitis. After 6 months of feeling much better i now have the same bladder discomfort for the last 3 weeks. I also have acid reflux...

by User avatar christine

After I finish peeing, when there's no more pee in me left, I feel a strong urge to pee again

After I finish peeing, when there's no more pee in me that will come out, I feel a strong urge like I have to pee REALLY BAD for like 5-20 seconds! It's not a good feeling! Does anyone know why I'm feeling this or fell the same way? Btw it's been happening for a few days!​

by User avatar Guest

has any of the women here had urethritis that comes and goes in the same day?

, Urethritis that comes and goes in same day, anyone had this, only one more day of antibiotics left , was much better this morning but now this evening suddenly all the burning come back after weeing again. Im 68 and had this twice in space of  6 weeks. So uncomfortable and burning when not...

by User avatar closer thermals

side effects of prolapsed bladder surgery

I had prolapsed bladder surgery 1 year and 2 months ago. I feel very good now , but I've gotten a brown thick discharge out of my vagina 3 times in the past 4 months when I take a shower. I understand the Dr. used cow hide to pull my bladder up, and I'm thinking its the cow hide dying inside of me...

by User avatar mary

Can UTI cause vaginal dryness?

Answered by a doctor

Hi! I need some information. Please, tell me can urinary tract infection cause vaginal dryness. In last few months I had two UTIs and they were really painful. Both times I was taking antibiotics. They helped me. But now I have problem with vaginal dryness. I think that maybe there is a connection...

by User avatar jammie45823

I took tetracycline MK hydrochloride 500 mg for 7 days to get rid of Non specific urethritis

I am hoping to be able to help some of you ladies and gentlemen. After a lot of research I have discovered that the bacteria that causes non-gonococcal or non specific urethritis is so tiny that it cannot be seen with a microscope. That’s why doctors can’t prescribe the right antibiotic. I had...

by User avatar antique squatter